the paper wars

Imagine this.


Saturday I get a call, and I’m asked if I can come work monday, tuesday, and wednesday, for building a small rock festival (Iggy Pop and the stooges, Joe Cocker, Starsailor, Buscemi, Admiral Freebee, and many others) in Wallonië (french speaking half of Belgium). We would be sleeping at a (CHEAP) little F1 -hotel there. Sure.

Sunday I get another call. "Tomorrow may not go through, I’ll let you know 9 in the morning. By 11am they figured out it’s not gonna happen, "but tomorrow and the day after, might". So I get up early in the morning, not only for absolutely nothing, but to hear tomorrow might go the same way. Up side: work or not, we’ll get payed anyhow. Tuesday: I get up (5.15) and thank god, I can go to work today. My co-worker picks me up, and off we go. Once arrived there, it turns out the festival commite still hasn’t payed for LAST year and doesn’t seem too eager to pay for this year. StageCo, the staging company we’ll be working for, forgot to include a certain line in the contract. Oops.

But StageCo found a different approach: "Welcome men. Please sit down, have some coffee, take a nap while the festival commite makes up its mind about the payment". There is just one problem with that strategy: The stage itself would cost Nandrin Festival co. €16,000. Every hour the stage isn’t finished when it should be, that would cost StageCo €20,000. Do the math: STageCo is fucked. Proper fucked, "before zhe Germanz get here."

So! after we lost a day and a half in total, we got to work. We worked until Thursday noon, and believe it or not, We built the fucker in 2 days. Instead of 4. Up yours. And finished in time, too! Now let’s hope AIB Vinçotte didn’t disapprove the stage, they were supposed to check after we left, 30 minutes before StageCo would have to start paying.


Since RoadRunner, the bastards, Still didn’t provide the nescessary gear (I had to climb 15 meters up a tower again without any safety) I took the initiative of buying my own stuff. No climbing harness, those are way too expensive, but my own scaff hammer (man do those look scary) and climbing helmet. Those helmets are very useful and way smaller than those bulky industrial ones, so a lot easier to climb up the scaffolding with. The helmet was plain white. Yes, was, cause I painted it. With a little help from my friends, I sprayed a turtle pattern on it. It worked out even better than I imagined, it looks absolutely amazing. So amazing even, I’ll post it here as soon as I get a picture of it. Typically me, I forgot it in my co-worker’s car. Har Har I’m so stupid it’s funny.


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