Time for new tattoos

I was told recently that I tend to scare people. Well, only the female race so far. At first there was just 1 person saying that, but others have agreed. Although it flatters me, I don’t have a clue where they’re getting this from. I’m not aggressive, I don’t threaten to hit anyone (and I never would), I don’t intend to hurt anyone. I’m sure they know that, so why do I scare them? Not that I plan to change it, it’d just be interesting to know where this comes from. 
I’m taking the week off, next week. From work, that is. I’m gonna spend my days in Ghent, looking for a place. And I’m not going home until I actually Get something. I’m so so tired of putting my energy in it and getting nothing, so next week, it ends. The net has proven itself utterly Useless for this, so the only option left is lifting my skinny (though tight) white ass and getting it over there. And buying shoes while I’m there, cause I’m keeping mine in one piece with tape right now. I don’t know how I’m going to manage with those safety boots. I could ask RoadRunner to provide me some, but that would take, roughly estimated, for-fucking-ever.
I’ve been re-reading my blogs and honestly I’m quite disappointed. One bunch of whining and feeling sorry for myself. It’s a damn shame it cost him his life, but the death of that kid opened my eyes again. Instead of pissing about how wrong stuff is going it’s time to change it. Time for change. "Time for new tattoos". Find that damn place, get a life started. And you know what? I could do it on one leg. I have the energy in me, I just need to get it out. Chin up and keep telling myself that.
Content and frequency of these blogs will change. Are changing, actually. As is my attitude. Don’t feel too relieved, my potty mouth and " I’ll rape you like a 3 dollar whore "  christmas cards will stay. I’ve grown to like those. What will change, though, is my victim stance. I’ll try and fail to stay on top of things as I always have, but I won’t sit and mope about it anymore. Starting next week. I don’t feel so good right now. Har har.
Saving some friends the shame of self promotion.

2 responses

  1. Kwinten

    HeyDon\’t mind me if i\’m being an asshole.I\’m sorry.And thankfull.c ya soon

    17 August 2005 at 17:48

  2. Bert

    Don\’t feel bad about scaring people. They find me scary too… but i know why: long hair, a beard, black clothing and a burly stature… Anyway: according to my way of thinking they are scared of anything that is not like them. I find it a compliment to not be like them.

    19 August 2005 at 23:08

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