So many freaks, not enough circuses.

Just got back from breaking down Cirque Du Soleil. So symbolic, especially for masochist types like me.
Again, we rocked. First up was breaking down the floors with a small team, and the Canadian ("Canidiots", we call them. From Canadia.) in charge was amazed; he had never seen things get done so fast. I was congratulated personally the first day, even: "you rocked today, man."
All in all, the Circque Du Soleil production was one of the best I’ve seen so far. Amazing people, beautiful setup, but lousy catering. One time, we were given a chunk of dry bread and a banana for dinner. Some of my colleagues went home after that. Don’t fuck with our food, or we fuck you. Personally I’m not too picky, at least we got any food at all, that doesn’t always happen. But the difference in quality of the food between their permanent staff and the local crew was big, and that’s quite frustrating now and then.
We really showed what we can do the last couple days, and during load-in. Strangely, we were almost exclusively with younger generation roadies, very few "hardcores". I think that’s a good thing, most of them do little more than piss and moan about how the crew chiefs should do their job. Usually they’re convinced they’re the only professionals there, and in the end very little work gets done. With the younger generation, we’re just a bunch of people having a good time folding up a big-ass tent.

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