The Bunker

The last couple days were very strange, unlike anything I’ve experienced before. And I’m not talking about the stage manager hugging me and saying "You’re amazing, Martin" without even being sarcastic, although I must say that was quite odd to say the least. But anyway. I’ve been sleeping over at "het sportpaleis" in Antwerp. We had to work crazy hours (50 hours in 3 days) doing the Coldplay set and I wanted to get as much sleep as I could. The place has much similarities to a bunker: concrete, flickering fluorescent lights, no windows at all. I never had time to step outside and the only window there was, was where I slept and it was always dark when I went to sleep or got up. So basically I’ve been living without sunlight for 3 days, almost always in the dark (aside from the spotlights at tests and flashlights), cut off from the outside world. My cell phone’s battery went dead the first day so I kind of vanished to the outside world. At times, during breaks, I would sit down and just, enjoy it. No problems, no fuss, just me and the job. Completely unnatural maybe, but very calming.

The down side however was the complete lack of sleep and sore feet from my worn out shoes. It’s not too bad but it’s a big place and I cover quite a distance each day. I think I should get me some new ones. I believe I promised someone, too. And about the sleep, if you do some quick math, (24×3-50)/3, you’ll find that I had 7.33.. hours a day left. Please note that this does not mean I had 7 hours sleep a night. That also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the daily process of rounding up, cracking jokes with the colleagues before they go home, grabbing some pillows from some couch that was standing around, making an improvised bed from them, and trying to fall asleep all alone in a building bigger than the village you live in, that is unbearably hot in the evening and freezing cold in the morning since they turn off the heating system at night. Needless to say I didn’t spend a lot of time making my bed when I got home after load-out, around 7am.


Well, eventually I bought my own climbing gear. I had to climb up the trusses without safety for the last damn time. It cost me a fucking fortune, but I know where the money went when I feel the jerk of the safety line as I fall down a truss. Fuck ’em, the greedy bastards. It won’t be my life that’s ruined before they can’t sleep and do provide proper safety equipment.


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  1. Unknown

    yo u have mohawk sweet soo do i

    8 November 2005 at 21:43

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