Stupid Plan #14

For this month’s edition of "let’s-come-up-with-a-plan-that-makes-others-laugh-in-your-face-and-you-can’t-figure-out-why" we have another trip ready. No staring at americans as if they were monkeys in a zoo this time, although I really was looking forward to travelling to a land where europeans are considered Sexay. No, we’re going up north this time. Way north, to Norway. The idea was to crash at youth hostels and travel around but a friend who is probably going with made a cool suggestion: a camping trip! Yes, in Norway. Yes, in the winter. Don’t ask dumb questions please. Sheesh.

Besides a good opportunity to freeze my little bollocks off, I think it’d be good training for any future trips. Also it’d give me the chance to gear up. I experienced first hand how difficult a bivouac (I found that word in the dictionary but it looks so stupid to me I’m doubting if it even exists) can be in boot camp, and I cincerely doubt if it was nearly as cold there than it will be in Norway. We’re still planning and discussing, but I’m stressing that it shouldn’t take longer than 3 days, since we’re not at all experienced enough to be camping any time longer. Even for the most experienced of bivouac’ers (heh), camping out in fricken’ Norway is a great challenge. Only staying for 2 nights will allow us to change clothes every day, and won’t require us to rely on nature for drinking water and food. I learned how, but I’m not quite willing to let my life depend on testing the theory. Maybe some other time and definately some other place. In short, I’m quite confident we’ll Survive 2 nights. Any more, I’m not so sure.

But we’re optimistic. I really think we can pull this off if we’re properly prepared. I’m even willing to make it a bit harder on ourselves: not bringing lighters or matches, I might even go without flashlight, although that remains to be seen. I best not bluf myself into trouble. I’m probably underestimating how hard this is going to be. Without the right preparation and know-how this is an extremely dangerous thing to do. I had the training for it, but boot camp in may in Belgium can hardly compare to the wilderniss in the winter in Norway huh.. I know the theory, I know the tricks. Not losing fingers or taking a crap at night is another story. This Is Not your holiday vacation in the wildpark in Buttfuck, Germany.

Gotta love how that sounds, though. If it were up to me half the world would be at our feet begging us not to go because it’s all so dangerous. And we, hard-boiled young men, we go anyway, risk our lives ‘n crap, and come back in all our glory and a manly 4 o’clock shade. Heh.

Okay, but am I really going?? I don’t know. Again, I’m letting it depend on others too much. I was, in fact, planning to go alone at first, and do city trips and maybe, maybe go camping in the wild for a few days. I had it all planned out, leaving around the end of november, city trips through Norway, Sweden and Finland. Even asked information about cheap ways to travel. I asked a friend if maybe he’d like to tag along, not expecting he would, and he said he was going to celebrate newyear with a friend there anyway. What do you know. So actually I’m kinda going with him instead of the other way around, but I’m staying longer to explore the cities there. That was the plan, anyway. Now I’m not so sure I’ll even bother with that, packing for both city trips and outdoor camping might prove difficult. We’ll see.

In the mean time I’m gonna put the logs of the trip in a different section so they’re easy to find/ignore. The first one of these can be found below this one.


Meanwhile, life goes on. Been spending my days in Ghent so I can keep myself busy. Busy busy busy, that’s the idea. Don’t look back.


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