“The thunderbirds, are Go!”

Bus is paid for. No turning back now. This oughtta be good.

Ironically, I’ll be going alone. My friend will be coming a few days later. Thanks to him I Just managed to get my paws on a 25% discount on a bus straight to Oslo. If I would have booked 1 hour later, I’d have missed it. There was one condition, though, and that was to book a date before 22nd of december. I didn’t want to spend Too much time on my own (it’ll be hard enough as is) so I went for the 21nd. I’ve been having trouble finding a place to sleep though. Either they’re fully booked or they’re only open during the summer. Meh. I’ll find something eventually. I hope *cough*

Things seem to move so fast all of a sudden. There’s tons of things I need to do before I take off and although it’s still a month and a half I’m worried I won’t get it done in time. The good part is, thanks to the European Union I won’t have to bother with travel passes or other papers. At All. Imagine that.

I did some quick math and I figured I’ll need at least €1000 before I even take off. There goes a year of savings. On the other hand most of it are expenses I won’t have to make again, like a sleeping bag and such. Yes I do have a sleeping bag but I doubt I’ll be any good with something I’m cold in when sleeping over at my friend’s. A good vest, which I shouldn’t hold back on either, will cost me around €300 or more. No kidding. Sweaters are €100 each. The list goes on.

What I am excited about however, are the handy little tools. I’m often told to shut the fuck up about the things I can do with the stuff I have on me. I have a strange obsession with being prepared, which comes from both the DartMUD game, where my character had a backpack full of gear he needed for the many search-and-rescue ops he was on, and my terrible memory. I never leave house without my leatherman, cell phone, notebook (and pen), lighter, batteries, clips to hang stuff together, tape, and since recently a small first-aid kit (been looking for one for years). And my discman, of course, but that’ll get me killed in traffic rather than save my ass if a nuke would drop. But I gladly make an exception for music. I used to carry spare clothes but I lost my pack at work once and now I’m carrying a shoulder bag, easier to use but smaller in size.

I got a message from my friend saying ‘I’m not going’. He has his reasons, if he’d care to have them on the net I’m sure he’d write his own log. Norway suddenly seems a whole lot bigger and lonelier. All the initial reasons for going are gone now, aside from me wanting to pack my bags and piss off. It looks like I’ll have to camp somewhere either way, motels are fully booked the last days before newyear. So I’ll be camping alone. Jolly.

This sucks man. I was really looking forward to camping with the two of us. Two know more than one. And who will I discuss life with around a campfire? Who will I tell ‘we should do this again sometime’? And if I may sound selfish for a sec, who will I split equipment cost/weight with? Bah. He was looking forward to it, too. He was going to see old (or maybe not so old) friends again, celebrating newyear with them and stuff.. Which reminds me, I’ll more or less be stuck there with people I don’t know at all. I’m curious how that’ll go.


Well, I went shopping again. More "serious" stuff this time.

  • 2 fleece sweaters: €70×2 = €140
  • Pair of shoes without draft holes in them: €100
  • Decent gloves: €50
  • Isolation mat for sleeping on: €90
  • That’s about it. It was all I could easily carry home. So that comes down to um, €380 and I haven’t even gotten to the essential gear. Honestly, I don’t know what posesses certain people that makes them go shopping without the slightest remorse. My fricken’ heart bled every time I had to pay. €100 means 20 hours of work for me, mind you. 20 hours of taking crap, dragging and lifting flight cases, listening to the backstreet boys, loading trucks, climbing trusses, I could go on like this for quite a while. And when I get home I see the newspaper full of ‘strike here, protest there’. I’d like to see Them spend 3 days building a festival with 4 hours sleep a night for less than minimum wage. I think they’ll be behind their expensive-ass little desk with free pencils before you can say "okay that was the load-in. Everyone back here around 11pm for the load-out!". Fuckers.

    What was my point again..

    Ah yes. Fortunately there was good news, too. The boots cost me €50 less than I expected, and the fleece sweaters €30 each. And! Among the goose-feather filled sleeping bags I found a synthetic one that not only lacks the ghosts of dozens of dead geese haunting you at night, but because it’s less capable of reducing size it’s only half as expensive, with still the same isolation capabilities. The weight is about the same, so hell if I’ll pay an additional €150 for a few extra liters of space in my backpack.


    One response

    1. Valdain

      HiI\’m the friend Maarten was planning this trip with. As for the why of \’I\’m not going\’, this was my parent\’s decision. And *they* do have their reasons, which I understand, but don\’t agree with. About 14 days after I\’d come back, I have exams upcoming. It would be more than 3 weeks for only 4 exams. That\’s reasonable and more than possible without a flaw, but my parents lost confidence in my optimism, which is mostly my own fault, but that\’s another story.Their house, their money, so their rules. What can I say?Looking forward to this, Maarten, is in fact an understatement, but yeah… this is the way it is, we\’ll have to cope with it, and as soon as circumstances permit it again, grab the chance and make the best of it that time.Best of luck, man, I\’m behind youDyte

      9 November 2005 at 16:35

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