Line’s Border and its Borderline

Okay so sleeping over at your ex’ is a bad idea. Thanks a Lot for telling me before I manage to fuck up. No no I didn’t do anything wrong aside from breaking to news to my girlfriend in my own, subtle way. If emotional incompetence was a crime, I’d be in death row. But hey, she’s still my friend and sleeping over was never an issue before.. I guess I should watch my step a little more.


I had quite an entertaining day with my father. He’s in love with the city of Ghent and he regularly organises trivia trips for friends and colleagues. I came along and helped a bit, and in exchange (and for my birthday) he paid for a vest for my trip to Norway. That’s €100, mind you. 20 hours of work. And it’s still a pretty cheap one, I expected to pay at least €200. But it’s got everything it needs, so why pay more.

We went to have dinner at my aunt’s the other day. When she heard I was going to camp out in Norway this winter, she looked at my father with the most serious face and said, "Your son has lost his mind." Strangely, she is the very first to say that. The reaction I get the most is ‘Really? Why?’

Why Not?? Jeez, did Einstein discover his theories asking himself why? And without them, we wouldn’t have all kinds of neat stuff like atom bombs. Descartes, Bruce Willis, Darwin, Ronaldo, did they get anywhere with asking why? I didn’t think so. So stop asking why, damnit, it’s not helping.


The contiuous dying of people around hasn’t even slowed. Relatives of friends, colleagues of family, more and more people I know are losing people close to them. I’m starting to get a little worried. I mean, of course it’s a terrible thing for them and maybe I shouldn’t be complaining, but I’m really getting a bit spooked here. I’ve heard of more deaths the past few months than I have in all my life.

There’s little else for me to do than pay my respects and secure myself when I’m climbing trusses. If death really is "a part of life" and all that crap, I’m pretty sure it’s the most shitty, fucked up part of all. So good luck to both those who leave and those who are left behind, both of you will need it.


Another casualty: my computer has finally died. I couldn’t even reformat it anymore, it was ready to explode. We took it to the shop and it should be better now. It were hardware problems as well as software, so I couldn’t have fixed it anyway. I could have found that out Before months of frustration and misery, but no, my superhero complex demanded that I would fix it on my own. Real smooth.

So as soon as I get internet back on, we’re back in business. Whatever business that may be. Why I should put it back on at all, remains a question. Meh. Maybe I’ll find another twisted I-know-I’m-addicted-but-I’m-liking-it role playing game to kill my social life. Man I sure miss those days.


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