Roadies and Groupies

We just did the Bloodhound Gang set. Never in my life have I seen such perverted, twisted sicko’s.

They didn’t seem all that bad at first, but during the show they showed just how far an artist can go without being locked away and neutralised. Especially the bass player, that guy must have a screw loose. During one show he chugged a whole bottle of Jagermeister, puked in a bucket, four times, frenched a couple girls from the audience, and pissed all over the scene. I’m not even kidding, this dude has the biggest bladder I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s a fricken horse. He pissed all over the lead singer (Jim), in his hat (you guessed it), a couple of items on the stage and then the lead singer again. Jim didn’t even seem to mind, they were only just past halfway the show and he finished wearing the same clothes. You’d think, oh my hindfucking god that’s disgusting, don’t let him near me, but I Saw the girls on the front row, with half-open mouth, just orgasming where they stood.



When we stepped outside to load the truck, there were about 8 to 10 girls standing outside, in the cold, waiting for the band to show up. Security didn’t even bother sending them away, instead they hung around them like flies around shit. During the whole load-out they stood at the exit, watching us demonstrate how Not to load a truck, they stood there, shaking in the cold. When the band finally came out, just as we were leaving, the girls flocked around our Jimmy, and he went "Okay, what have we got here?" and squeezed one of the girl’s arm like he was checking what kind of meat was on the menu tonight.


So, my guess would be they made it onto the tour bus and would eventually go home by train from whatever town they were stopping next, leaving behind a trail like a garden slug. How rock ‘n roll.


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