‘eavy metal, baby.

Yeah yeah I know, will you shut the fuck up about your work already. I just gotta, have to, must mention that apocalyptica absolutely fucking ruled like nothing that has ever ruled before. For those of you dwelling in ignorance still, here’s a quick FAQ:


Q: Who, in the name of Her Majesty The Queen Of England, are Apocalyptica?

A: Apocalypcita, oh ye of lousy music taste, are 5 guys playing heavy metal on cello. They have covered a lot of bands, including Metallica, a whole album long. They came to play in Ghent, tuesday november 29 in the "vooruit", and I helped build their set.


Q: Dude what the fuck. Cello’s are for Von Trapp pussies.

A: Wrong. In this particular case cellos are for long-haired, skinny, bare-chest, tattood folk who know how to rock. If you think you can’t do with a cello what a guitar can, you are sadly mistaking. I’ve seen them play Metallica’s Enter Sandman and there was surprisingly little difference between the original and what they played. Also, with cello’s you can do plenty of things you can’t do with guitars.


Q: What metal band has no singer?

A: They had the audience singing for them. I was up in the trusses when I watched and the effect was simply amazing. Part of what makes Apocalyptica so good in the first place imho is the lack of vocals. When songs we all know are played purely instrumental, they can be enjoyed in totally new ways. I’ve seen it happen at the first U2 soundcheck, and when Bono finally arrived, I was almost dissappointed. It’s like black and white photography.


So in short, yeah I quite enjoyed Apocalyptica. Sure, they looked like junks, sure, the stage was full of skulls and other heavy metal clichés, but some things can have all that and still rock.


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