See you auntie

Man, past week has been quite busy. Today (saturday) is the first day I have for myself. So if you don’t mind me sitting on my lazy ass, I think I’ll just… sit on my lazy ass.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the company and everything. Just, for some reason it takes quite a bit of energy. Lack of sleep might have something to do with it. Sitting alone now feels strangely… familiar. Almost comforting. But, as a good friend once cleverly noted: It’s only comfortable to be alone when you’re not lonely. There is an immense difference between the two, I’m sure I don’t have to explain.


In the mean time, believe it or not, People Keep Dying. What the fuck. Now it’s another friend-of-a-friend who was found dead in his couch. He was a wheelchair patient and was in constant pain, so suicide is considered an option, autopsy will reveal that. This is narrowing friends and relatives who haven’t lost someone down to disturbingly few. You’d almost think I’m causing it and they should stay away from me.

I never believed in any of that crap, but really, this stuff is creeping me out! This guy was my age! His girlfriend is an absolute mess and blaims herself. If anyone has like, those wise oracle phrases that can actually comfort a person in this situation, email me. Or call me. I suck ass at comforting people.


Well, my computer is reformatted. It took me some effort to get it back to actual Working state (does anyone at all know what ‘msiexec /regserver’ stands for?) but I think I got it right. We have like 3 Dulle Griet-sized (BIG) antivirus and -spyware and -whatnot programs so let’s hope things work out better in the future.



Damn. No moaning about my girlfriend, my own place that I Still don’t have, or self pity. I feel naked.

Extra points for who gets the title. It’s inspired by Tool.


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