Time to freak

11 more days till I leave. The idea seems more and more absurd by the minute. How interesting.


I still don’t have a tent, or even a backpack. Everything else is quite alright, I think. Aside from some (still important) details I’m getting well equipped. Next week will be entirely devoted to rounding up. I realise it seems early but better too soon than too late with these things.

Actually I do have a backpack but it came from a "tent, sleeping bag and backpack for €50"-deal. My two stepsisters almost drowned in the tent at Rock Werchter (it only has one layer for crying out loud. But would they Listen to me? nooo….), I practically go hypothermic whenever I sleep at my friend’s with the sleeping bag, so needless to say I don’t trust the pack one bit, even though I haven’t really put it to the test, yet.

What I’d like to do is buy both the tent and pack at the army. I used them at boot camp and they amazed me with how practical and well-made they were. The only problem is, I need my military passport to get in, and I never got one. Bureaucratic reasons. So I’ll see if any "stock americain" has anything the like, and if not, pay AS Adventure another visit. They like me, I’m like a kid in a candystore there.


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