I hate you all.

Did I mention I got my camera back?

Okay, I got my camera back. And Typically my kinda luck, I had to pay Twice for it. 200 something stinking euro’s to get 1 lousy camera fixed. Each.

But… How is this possible? With all the technology and advanced customer support they have today, surely such a thing is unthinkable?

Belgium was built on an indian graveyard. The corpses were first dug up, pissed on, buried again, and Then a country was built on them. (thank you South Park) Therefor Belgians, their children and their children’s children are doomed to an existance of retardlinesness. Allow me to explain.

Two weeks after I took it back to the shop, as promised, there was a letter in my mail saying "your camera is fixed and waiting for you in the shop". I found this very strange because I never gave my permission to actually fix it, they’re supposed to tell me what it’s going to cost me and Then ask if I want it fixed. But ey I was going to say yes either way so I wasn’t complaining.

In the shop, some guy who was obviously totally oblivious to what the fuck he was doing told me I misinterpreted the letter, and that the camera was actually waiting at the Sony factory, for my approval to have it fixed. A retard thinking everyone is a retard but him, you catch my drift. But hey I just wanted to please have my camera in working condition so I was prepared to smile and do whatever they wanted of me. And he wanted me to sign and pay. So I did. 200 something euro’s, I don’t recall precisely and the receipt is just out of reach and I’m too lazy to lift my yellow ass. So I paid and was promised I’d get a call or letter when my camera would be done.

4 months later, I’m starting to suspect our retard may have forgotten to notify me. So after 5 times of spending a rediculous amount of time to get to a closed shop (as I mentioned before) I go back there, with a shaky smile and short temper. A "I may be reaching 50 but I’m still young at heart" lady behind the counter. "Oh but your camera has been here since september", which was the time of my first visit/payment. So my camera was in fact in that store when I first came to get it. They brought it out and put it under my nose on the counter. "Just sign here and pay."

What was I supposed to do? Yeah sure I tried to tell them. I called the fuckwad from before with me and Ah Yes he sure remembered me once I took off my cap. He did not remember me paying, though. But there was no problem, if I could just show the receipt I could take my camera with me. Only, I don’t remember Getting any receipt, let alone I’d bother to carry it with me. I could prove I payed by showing my payment logs I get monthly from my bank, but "those are no official proof of payment". My camera was right there before me, and I couldn’t take it home with me until they were happy. So I paid. Again. And Yes, I Kept The MotherFucking Receipt Already.

Once they had their money, they smiled and said ‘thank you, come again.’ I didn’t think so and that’s what I told them, sonuvafrickenfrshtrfs….


My stepmother has a remarkable talent of being a total bitch. Day in day out, she has to show me how much she hates living with me. She closes all the doors to the room I’m in, shutting me out from the rest of the house, she keeps telling my father what a nuisance I am to have around, and refuses to co-operate with anything that concerns me. At all. My girlfriend once called our home, crying and upset, and she answered, I was still in bed. My stepmother said she’d wake me up and tell me I should go see her, but did she do it? Hell no.

Oddly, she hardly ever bitches to Me. She never talks to me at all, let alone tell me in my face what she thinks. Doesn’t matter all that much anyhow, if she does, I just say "if you say so". She doesn’t see any further than her nose so her opinion on just about anything really doesn’t bother me one bit. Call me an ass, if you have to live with such a person day in day out, you don’t even Want to bring up the effort to respect her. I doubt she made it into our family by her intellect anyway; the first time I saw her, she was wearing my mother’s fucking bathrobe. For all I care, she just fucks off instead of ruining our family any longer.


DartMUD players would love this: a colleague of mine is actually a baron. Really, it says so on his passport. No, he doesn’t own a castle so you don’t even have to try for housemage, he inherited the title from his dead relative. "Oh that’s nice", you’d say, but to me, it’s a fucking charade. He’s an ex-convict, and he got out early because of his title. What Does That Mean!?!

First, I’d like to mention that, by Belgian law, the court must stay absolutely independant of civilian or political influences. HowEver!! This granny of his was really really fond of our king, and she also happened to be filthy fucking rich. So she payed off some of our king’s debts (yes our king has debts. after all he lives off the state and it’s safe to say the state is up to its ears in debts) and was therefor granted the title of "baroness". Ding Dong the bitch is dead and now her grandson has the title and got out early for it. SO, let’s backtrack, shall we. Since he inhreted the title, he got out early because of who his family is. Since the demented old fart did something for the king, he got out early because the king likes him. And since she payed a LOT of money for it, he got out early because his family is rich. In short, he got out sooner than anyone who is wrongfully accused or really sorry for the things he did, because of his family, politics, and a lot of money. AND THIS ISN’T EVEN AGAINST THE LAW. Justice, my balls!


2 responses

  1. Jenzy

    Wellseems Dm is alot like Belgium then.No wonder i feel at home there.heh

    19 December 2005 at 15:11

  2. Kwinten

    Yowze,Kill the fucking bitch already.I don\’t support violence, but seriously, KILL THAT BITCH; RIP OFF HER HEAD AND SHIT DOWN HER NECK.And torch her for me.The only thing she\’s good at is fucking every type of relationship, believe me, i suffered her before.And indeed Belgium\’s system is really fucked up, but realize this is one of the good places to be born. Depressing ain\’t it?But let\’s forget this for a few seconds.I hope you have a blast on this \’quest\’ you are undertaking. I hope you get out of it what you want.Enjoy!peace (except for the ice-pissing fridgebitch)(sorry if my english sux)

    19 December 2005 at 21:15

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