Snakker du engelsk?

Preparations as far as booking is concerned are pretty much done, I think. I had to book one night in Oslo and then straight to Bergen, because Oslo is completely booked around christmas-newyear. I read the trip has a spectacular sight, I’m quite curious about that. 3 days before newyear I’ll have to set camp, up until newyear where someone is so kind to take me in for an undetermined but short while. Let’s hope that works out.

After newyear, I’m in a bit of dilemma. I don’t want to be stuck in one city, and I don’t want to be forced to leave if I really like it there. So far, I haven’t booked anything yet. I realise it’s risky but we didn’t plan this trip because it looked easy, now did we.


I finally got around to buying me a backpack, or "rucksack" if you will (the word seems very weird to me since it’s directly abbrieved from the dutch "rugzak" which means… well, backpack). A 65 liter hiking pack. I think I made a good deal, aside from a number of details I only realised after I got home. It has no straps to attach your tent or sleeping mat, for instance. We’ll have to get creative to accomplish that.

There was no way I’d be completely satisfied with it, anyhow. It’s not military issue. The packs we used there were more practical than anything I had seen before, and the same goes for the tents. I’m afraid I won’t get my hands around one of those in time, either. But, I found a similar model in the AS adventure store.

Another item I won’t find with the same quality than I’m used to, is cooking gear. The "gamellen" (Hell if I know what that is in english) I’m used to are made of thick aluminum and can be clicked together. Every model I found in the shops can be bent with bare hands and fall apart when I try to put them together in the same way.

I guess the army is good for something after all. I might spontaneously combust saying this but I miss it.


Also, I bought some more nifty gear! The lady at the register recognises me now and joked "you’re preparing quite well, aren’t you?" to which I replied, "I’ll never be prepared enough." Okay what’d I get… A better first aid kit, complete with isolation blanket for hypothermia/overheating, and some straps to tie things to my pack with. Simple things like that, like plastic bags and rope/string, are invaluable. The first aid kit is mostly for ego tripping, I don’t expect to get hurt and care enough to take care of it.


One response

  1. Jenzy

    DUDE!Why didn\’t you ask me for gamellen?!I have like tons of those at home!Use your fucking mouth man and ask me that sorts of junk.And do not mok the army, its the family i never had. *grins*even more fucked up then my real one but i like it the better hehe

    20 December 2005 at 01:21

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