See my tent!

As said before, I picked out one of the mountains surrounding Bergen and climbed it. Damn it would have been a lot easier with at least some Oxygen in the air. Seriously, it’s not that hard to come by, it’s sold by the liter in Bejing. People here might want to import some before tourist seaon or People Will Die. Also, get fricken’ Azerty keyboards. Nobody cares about øountqins. The rest should be okay, I heard the sun would provide some warmth at least and the moon promised to take care of chips ‘n drinks.


Tomorrow I’ll be officially homeless. Maybe not officially but homeless nonetheless. I set up and took down my tent a couple more times, I think I’ll be able to do it in the dark now. If I’ll manage 3 days in it remains to be seen. "Time to show what you’re really made of. Sometimes that means dying, sometimes that means killing a whole lot of people."

I’m going to leave here by boat so I get to see some fjords, and I developed a fobia for busses. Like… a busfobia. I’ll be going south more, to Stavanger. Google Earth (if you have a fast pc, get this program, it’s free) didn’t display any mountains there, though. But eh there’s plenty of time after newyear if I still want to break my neck.


In the mean time, I have been blessed by the arrival of 2 Belgians. Really nice people, we went out and I showed what I’d seen of Bergen so far which wasn’t an awful lot because there’s nothing open during the holidays. We did climb the mountain again, which is basically all there is to do out here this time of year. Today the shops and tourist office are finally open, so I can finally get some stuff I’ve been meaning to buy. A small cable for my camera, post cards, viking sword, stuff like that. I also need a decent hat since I lost mine before I departed and even though it has only been a couple degrees I can really feel it getting colder the last few days. Weather forecast predicted even lower temperatures so I rather be safe than sorry. Hence the viking sword, also.


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