Mountains, Pizza and the Wardrobe.

Yeah yeah there’s always temperatures colder than the last and there’s always people who’ve had it worse. Duh. Even Belgium gets colder. However, I don’t see how walking 3 blocks to school can compare to spending 2 days in the wilderniss. Besides, this isn’t a forum.

In other words criticism is appreciated, fuck you very much.


I’ve been home for one afternoon and I want to go back already. It hit me when I got off the bus just how ugly Belgium really is. I feel guilty for advising people to come visit us. I think I just might go live in Norway in the future.


Newyear for me was absolutely great. If it wasn’t the best newyear I’ve had so far, it’s a close tie. I got hugged by people who I don’t know (blame alcohol), joined in conversations in a language I didn’t understand, and saw the whole town light fortunes worth of fireworks. From the balcony there you could just see the whole town being blanketed in fire and explosions ‘n stuff.

The whole time I’ve been here has been strange in a very comforable way. The people here don’t even speak my language yet I feel more related to them than to any belgian. Hell, even the-girl-that-I-was-staying-with’s parents turned out to be great. Can’t say that ever happened in Belgium before.

The girl (let’s respect some privacy) herself is not one bit less great. She’s just been fantastic for the whole time I’ve been here. I don’t think I thanked her nearly enough for letting me live with her. I only stayed for 1 week but it felt as if I’d been living there for a month. We just… clicked, as if we’d known eachother for years. Her place was the closest to a home that I’ve experienced in a very long time. I miss it already. Hell if it wasn’t for my girlfriend I probably would’ve tried to find me a roadie company to get a job and my own place. My girlfriend has stopped me from doing many stupid things in the past, however clever they seemed at the moment. I suppose I’ll learn in the future that this is no exception.

Either way, I want to do this more often! If it isn’t Norway, I can find another place to disturb. America is still a primary target.


So, looking back, I’m happy to say that this has been one of the most exciting experiences in my life. I can see myself actually live there one day. Norway is a beautiful coutry, the only crappy things about it are the qwerty keyboards and complete lack of competent engineers.

Yes, Engineers. The short time I was there, our bus broke, our train almost derailed (in fact it was the freight train just before us, its locomotive ending up in a pond), and a boat and a replacement bus respectively went dead in one and the same trip. You can’t help but wonder if all Norwegian engineers emigrated to Russia or something.

Also, Norway is damn expensive. But, to compensate, they have cool money, with holes in them. I stood and marvelled at every krone I spent, which helps ease the pain of realising I was getting ripped off. It looked so awesome, even, that I had to fight the urge to spend it on rubbish like fireworks or slots machines. Something many norwegians couldn’t resist, apparently, which is great for the IDF, or International Darts Federation, because they own two machines which fund the whole norwegian branch. The government is trying to make it legal now to steal that money away and keep it for themselves, something which dart players don’t appreciate too much.


I should probably go to bed now, I haven’t slept properly in 36 hours. My mirror image scares me and so does my body odor. I’m sure I’ll think of totally awesome amazing stuff that I just Have to write down, later on.


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