professionalism has struck!

I just got a letter from my employer, saying there are going to be some significant changes in how RoadRunner works. Things are going to get a lot better organized, with efficient communication between the crew and the office. Security gear will be provided, and will have to be worn. The scaff course will now take a full week, and the opportunity to join other courses will be given.

I’ve been waiting almost a year for this letter. Communication between crew and office has always been disastrous and I always thought that it would eventually be the reason of me quitting. Let’s hope this actually changes things. Someone at the office had to get fired for it so I think they really do mean what they’re saying.

Furthermore, some of the "hard-core" crew members got a permanent raise, but I’m not one of them.

Hell no, I got Two! I will now make more per hour, and will get a small bonus every time I go to work. Fuck yah. In a way it’s only logic, considering how absolutely shitty the payment is, but on the other hand it is so great to get some appreciation for your work. If it were up to me I’d be working there for the rest of my days.

I got a message asking if I wanted to work on the Depeche Mode stage, which will be built in Antwerp this weekend. In my returning message (aside from the obvious ‘you betcha’) I asked if there was still room at the follow-spot (the Huge, heavy spots at the back of a theater to cast extra light on the performers) course, and they Actually Sent a Message Back, saying ‘We’ll let you know when and where.’ That almost doesn’t make any sense, usually these messages are plainly ignored. If this is an indication of how things will be in the future, count me in.


On a side note, since newyear I’m officially done with the army. Not that they realize, because I got a phonecall 2 days ago about some further training I was supposed to get. Well, I’m sorry, but they shouldn’t have fucked me over like they did. And I’m not talking about the "pick up your soap, boy"-scene in the showers (that was even mildly enjoyable), I’m talking about them not even having any record at all that I did my medical training. Someone fucked up, and now, officially, I never even took the training at all. Direct result: no procedure was triggered that would have subscribed me in further training, so I kinda sorta fell out of the boat. Adding to that, at basics training I was given exactly half of the material of the rest of the volunteers (1 pair of boots, 2 tee-shirts, 2 pairs of pants and so on) while I had to perform just as good as the rest of them.

I’ll be honest, I really enjoyed the time I spent in the army. But the political games, the days of cleaning tents, working out and doing nothing (which is the case at my unit), are just not my thing. Hell, the whole concept of the military is against just about everything I believed in. So basically, I got to play with their guns, got to camp in their tents, got a very nice medical training (although I can forget about any degree in that), and evantually did not show up for work a single day. All of this paid for, of course. Cha Ching.

So, they can keep their dogtags and beret Which They Have Still Not Given To Me, I’m out.


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