Million Miles Away

Yes! Work! Money! Sweet… precious… paper money. Hard cash. Wealth. Riches. Assassination. Treatery. World cleansing. No more fags, jews, or fascists. Away with both americans and russians.

No, seriously. It’s great to be back to work again. Oh how I missed the clattering of scaff pipes, the smell of motor oil, the aching of little wounds in your hands that don’t heal and the iching of those in your feet that are infecting. And most of all, it felt amazing to see that my colleagues were happy to see me again. I realize it sounds dumb but I really was pleasantly surprised. I was hardly any good at any job I had before (considering what jobs that were I don’t care too much), let alone appreciated by my co-workers. Besides, popularity of any kind is completely new to me. Does this make me a slut?


My friend got himself a kitten! He named it ‘Snuggles’ and it assaults me when I sleep over. He lives by himself in a small place so I bet it’s really nice for him to have someone or -thing to come home to. It really is a happy, playful little kitten. Completely pitch black, so it’s hard not to kick it in the dark.

If I ever get a cat/dog I’m either naming it Mormel (Vermin) or Gedrocht (Moster, Freak of Nature). Or any human or animal bodypart works just as well. I just think it’s amusing to call an animal any revolting name, with all the love in the world. If you curse your dog’s mother to hell with a sweet voice while petting him, he’ll be happy. The opposite works just as well, if you tell him what a good job he did, yelling and shouting, he’ll feel like he’s done something wrong. And of course, it’d be absolutely perfect if my pet actually Is a freak of nature. 2 mis-made animaloids under one roof. Somebody call Korn, I got the title for their next single.


Well I have to say I’m pretty much sick and tired of winter. It’ll be getting colder the coming days and already I’m cussing when I go out. (and I’m going like, all hypothermal ‘n shit, and almost die, and must crawl into a deer’s corpse to survive.) Fuck. Seriously. Everybody’s pissing about global warming and when we get winters like this, they go "see? our climate is fucked up." Jeez, make up your damn mind. Besides, I seem to be the only one that realizes that "mother nature" is well on its way of permanent death and it can’t be turned around. Not with the human population constantly growing and simply not caring about urang-utangs in some jungle. I’m the first to agree that is terrible, to the point of sickening, but that’s the way it is. But don’t feel bad, human technology, namely Jack Wolfskin and The North Face will keep you warm, so you don’t have to face the consequences of your lazyness, and neither will I. If we can wield ourselves the power to play god, as we have, we’re unstoppable, especially by details like deforestation and the extinction of silverback gorillas. Unless we get nuked either by ourselves or some metroid. Which would suck, because then we’re all dead. And despite what you say, you don’t want to die. You will scream and cry and run for your pitty lives mwu ha ha. And I will be right along your side, screaming and crying with you.

But That Doesn’t Have Anthing To Do with the fact that winter can pack its shit and take off already. Especially belgian winter, which isn’t that cold but fucking Wet. Grey, wet, cold,… Yuck.


"Women. Even when they have digital layouts, I still don’t understand them." –Piro, MegaTokyo.

The only rule of female behaviour is that common logic does not apply to it. More often than not you will have abolutely no clue why you’re talking to an angry face all of a sudden. Which is good! It’s great! because if she tells you, you will notice that her current emotional status is the end result of a long string of assumptions, based upon a single sentence of yours, the facial expression on your face 15 minutes after it, and the time of the goddamn month, completely ignored by the fact that you mean well and maybe, Just Maybe didn’t mean it like that. In that case I rather not know.

Okay, I’ll admit, I do manage to fuck up occasionally, and sometimes people really do have a reason to get mad at me. But assuming the worst whenever I do something they don’t get, doesn’t help them get anywhere but on the big, colorful pile of people who say I’m an ass because they never bothered to ask Why. And to be honest, I like that pile right where it is. If something really bothers me about them, I will let them know, and not give subtle hints showing I don’t "want to be seen with you anymore" or something the like. Honestly. I wish they wouldn’t assume so, because they only manage to confuse me.


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