Free speech for the dumb

"Get married. Get a decent job, a career. Make lots of money. Get a driver’s licence, and a car. Believe in God the allmighty." Choose life.

Do I look dumb? Clueless, perhaps? I must have a sign on my back saying ‘Educate Me’, cause I’ve been flooded with "concerned" people who think I lost my way because I chose not to follow them. Maybe, Just Maybe, I have other goals in life? Maybe I don’t care about repeating the same ritual every week, working like a horse for 5 days and consume like a pig in the weekends. I’m not wired that way. So if anyone feels like telling me how I should live my life, please be so kind to bloody Piss Off.


Entirely unrelated to that, I am, after a year of unconcerned living, finally broke again. The 40-something euro’s in my wallet are the last I have, I’m even in debt to the bank. Nothing worth mentioning, but in the red, nonetheless.

I almost forgot how it feels. Which is not good, of course, but it sort of has a ‘clean slate’-feeling to it. The down part though, is that I was planning on some investments in the near future. Rock Werchter presales are getting close, and I’ve been ogling that leatherman Wave (drool) in the display cases for some time now. I lost my good ol’ tool in the woods last week, so I’m leatherman-less at the moment. For a roadie, and I’ve said this plenty of times, that’s a lot like like being castrated.

So I guess I won’t be going anywhere at the moment! Unless you count the 2-day trip to Paris (that I still need to pay for) with some friends in march. It’s supposed to be a really-low-budget trip, so I’m hoping for the best. Concerning the leatherman, that’ll just be a matter of how long I’ll be able to restrain myself… And I’m afraid that won’t be long.


I don’t know who’s in charge of the local public transportation company here ("de lijn"), but he must be a frustrated, bitter man. One that beats hookers every night. Cause basically, he’s being ignored at work, all day long. It’s actually the drivers who call the shots. "No raise? Fine. We’re going on strike. No shorter working hours? Someone get the union on the phone to set a date." Last week, there have been problems with automated ticket distributers, they would sometimes not work and sometimes spew out more than you asked for. The media has been descirbing them as gamble machines.

But of course, angry customers complain to the drivers, who, in turn, don’t like all this. So, time for another strike. This time, they do go to work (and get paid), only they work for free. You don’t have to pay when you get on the bus. Okay for me, but this is costing fortunes, obviously. Even more than a conventional strike.

These are obviously people who hate their jobs. Any excuse works for them to make it more interesting by picking a fight. Some of them have been known to take it out of the customers, too. Frustrated old men and women who seem to have long forgotten that their job is to Drive. It’s not all that complicated, is it?

It’s really a depressing sight. People going to work with a long face, basically just waiting for their retirement. Somebody, hug these guys and tell them to get another job. There’s hundreds, thousands of people in line, anxious to take over. And everyone is happy.


The way I see it, dilemma’s are always a choice between what you want, and what "should" be done. Almost always, anyway. And very often, a fight between the heart and the mind. We’ve all been there: your heart says "go for it", but really you know better.

In general I choose to follow my mind, because it’s the one that thinks things through. Many people go on about "follow your heart" but I don’t believe in it. Trust me, on many occasions there’s nothing I’d like to do more, which brings us back to the dilemma thing. What do I want for myself, and what is best for everyone in the long run. Even people with a supposedly objective view on the matter can very well guide you in the wrong direction. And what is "right"?

The only way to make your way through these questions is having your priorities set in advance, I think. What is most important to you, and what will you have to pass on. But still, the most simple of choices can be extremely painful to make.


2 responses

  1. Grant

    I like how you tell everyone to piss off, but you\’re broke….and you hate it.  Sounds like you\’re having fun.  Ofcourse you had to pull the, "what is right" quote. 
    "The way I see it, dilemma\’s are always a choice between what you want, and what "should" be done. Almost always, anyway."
    How would you know?  Do you know what is right?  What\’s the point of stating things when no one knows what\’s really right?

    8 March 2006 at 13:25

  2. Maarten

    Last time I checked, being broke is not a crime and wealth is not an equivalent for happiness. It\’s only money, I\’m happy with the stuff I spent it on. In that point of view, I\’m glad I\’m broke.
    I don\’t know what\’s right, but I do know what I Think is right. All the stuff I write down here is how I see it, not how I claim it is for everyone. I\’m not going to repeat that every log because it tends to get old. I thought the " around \’should\’ made it clear enough.
    Once again, I\’m not describing the world here. I\’m describing my visions on it.

    13 March 2006 at 02:54

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