Where oh where to look.

In my struggle (that still isn’t over) for a decent job I liked, I’ve had many jobs for about a month or less. Some were kinda nice, some were annoying, and some just scared the shit out of me. Industrial cleaning, technical maintenance, assembly line, I’ve done it all. If you’re without diploma in this bureaucratic society, you might as well bend over and make some money the hard way.

Some of these jobs I descibed in the past as nothing less than prostitution, an opinion I still hold today. They were a full assault on all your senses and will destroy you in two years or less. If you’re lucky you’ve made it to crew chief by then. Sure, you get "protection when needed". But hey you don’t need ear plugs when you’re working where the machines have been turned off, do you. Even though someone is hammering on metal plates half a meter above you.

The ironic thing is, most of these jobs, I didn’t quit because the work was hard, but because the office fucked us over. We’re the ones without diploma, so we’re considered stupid. For these morons that’s like a red flag on a bull, for some reason they feel obliged to push us around. Even the "pros", who have been cleaning the volvo trucks factory for many years and have become quite adept at it, look down on you because you suck at mopping floors.

Many students I know don’t seem to realize just how much your job becomes your life. 3 weeks off a year really isn’t that much. Every goddamn week, every goddamn morning, *beep beep* get up and go to work, so you can make enough money to give to the greedy bastards before they take more than that.

In a way, I envy those people. Somewhere they find the energy to get up early in the morning, and go do their horrible job. Day in, day out, every week. Two days rest, repeat from step one.

Personally, the thought of a 9-to-5 job just horrifies me. I just got back from 3 weeks in Norway and already I’m looking to take off again. This is what I live for: See and experience things, travel the world! I don’t have time to wait till next year?? By then I might very well be dead!

Okay I admit, if you’re going to take, you have to give. Hippies living off unemployment money and sitting on their lazy asses all day are not the type I agree with. But repeating the same ritual every week, waiting for the day your retire… I just couldn’t do that if I tried.


It’s a new month and I should have gotten my payment from RoadRunner by now. Too bad I can’t check because I forgot my wallet at my last job. In Brussels. So as of now, I’m even broke-er than I was before! wee! Free at last!

Yeah okay that kind of sucks. I don’t even have enough to pay for the ride to my next job, oh the irony. I’m not getting it back before the 22nd, that is 4 days after the rock werchter presales start. 4 days is too long, that’s smack in the middle of the rush that lasts up until 4-day tickets are sold out. So I’m forced to leave the purchase to my girlfriend. Again. Last time she had a friend take care of it, someone who, to say the least, hasn’t proven herself to be very liable, or even stable for that matter. She had to force her friend into getting a move on, threatening to unleash me and my yearly hulk complex onto her ass. You don’t want to find yourself between me and a rock festival.

4-day tickets are sold out in little more than a week, mind you. And this is a festival of serious proportions. I had to miss it last year, and this year Tool are coming. Nothing earthly can stop me this time.


A good friend of mine is moving, leaving her place empty. I had mentioned before I was looking for a place, and she was so friendly to remember. So in may, I’m packing my stuff, and moving out of here. That is, if I manage to scrape enough money together. It’s always such a damn issue. I have a good month and a half to save. In other words, time to get myself in debt some more.

I was very close to renting places before, with or without friends, but I always Just missed out or managed to lose the deal because I ran off to scandinavia. I don’t want to be too optimistic but I’m thinking this might actually work out. Imagine that! I would just, sit there all day in utter shock, not able to comprehend that I have my own spot to call home.


My friend from Norway has offered to pay for a trip there around easter. I can’t say that’s happened to me before. But no matter how I hate accepting money from people, I would hate to sit at home knowing I could have gone even more.

This leaves me at the receiving end, which as always been an uncomfortably vulnerable spot for me (eat your heart out linkin park). She could ask for a "favor" in return some day, or -oops- refuse to pay for the trip back, not that I would mind that much.

Should I accept? Should I refuse? I don’t know. I’ve never given a situation like this much thought because frankly, I didn’t expect it to occur. So hell, fuck it, I want to go and she offered her help.


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  1. Grant

    Penis.  Move to Canada.

    13 March 2006 at 05:19

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