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I’m surprised to see how many people don’t accept the evolution theory as explanation for humans walking the earth. I was taught that theory in school and even though I double-checked myself to see if the theory even makes any sense, I never stopped accepting it as being true. Now it seems that the evolution theory is one amongst many, and almost a religion on its own.

Does that mean I’m no longer an atheist? I’m a bit lost here.

Every theory about how humans came to be sounds utterly ridiculous. So "The theory that humans are descended from monkeys is utterly ridiculous" holds no point. 99% of the people bringing that up have alternatives that sound much more idiotic.

I read (a shortened version of) Darwin’s work on the finches of the Galapagos islands, and this stuff makes sense. It’s understandable, believable, and can be and has been double-checked. As far as I know that hasn’t occurred with any other creationist/thursdayist theory.

Agreed, the assumption that we come from apes sounds very far-fetched. But skeletons have been found, guiding us each step of the way. Locations match, as do earlier theories and DNA research. And the principles are Proven. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, why go so far to still try and prove it’s something else? Kind of reminds me of my sister covering her ears and yelling ‘BLAH BLAH’ when you tried to explain anything to her that she didn’t want to hear. It’s incredibly annoying and it lasted up until I punched her (hey I was 12)

Creationists I have talked to go two ways from here. Either they say God put those fossils in the ground to test our faith (I’m with Bill Hicks on that one, enough said), or that "scientists" set these "finds" up to put a cover over our eyes.

Governments lie to us daily. They use scare tactics to keep us productive and start crusades for little more than cheap resources. But how the hell, would they benefit from saying we’re naked monkeys. I tried hard, but I failed to come up with an answer to that one. If you ask the same question about conventional religions, however, the answer is clear.

This is not the case anymore these days, but for let’s say 1700 years, if we start from the beginning of the christian calendar, the masses have been illiterate and uneducated. Life was harsh and religion was something to fall back on. The clergy profited from this, having them dance (and give money) like puppets. The clergy’s word was the word of God, and anything saying otherwise was repressed. Galileo for example had to contradict his earlier findings by saying our solar system revolved around the earth instead of the sun to save his own life.

This bullshit is still being spoonfed from generation to generation, trying to oppress recent revelations that say ‘maybe that’s not the way it went?’. Ironically, they bring up the argument of calling science "opiate of the masses", if not in those exact words.

I won’t say creationists look "really unevolved", because I disagree with that statement. Too often these are educated, intelligent people, who for some reason, don’t bother to fucking Inform themselves and just keep repeating the bible is God’s word and only they are right. Yet few of them have actually read the entire bible, let alone the alternatives. Until they do, and until they bring me credible, provable arguments, they’ll remain those same ‘BLAH BLAH’ ignorant little girls to me.


My lips are cracked and my hands are so dry it hurts to tie my shoes. Either I’m sick and I’m not aware of it, I haven’t been drinking enough, or spring hormones are acting up.

Yes, boys and girls, spring is Finally here! No more fucking snow, no more "fucking shit my balls are freezing off"! Days are getting longer, and we actually *gasp* got some sun this week. Seriously.

The nice folks at the RoadRunner office organized another scaff course, around the same time as last year. Back then we spent half the time on top of our own lil’ tower, enjoying the breeze and the view, but this year no one wanted to even get up there to break the thing down again because it was so goddamn freezing cold. And of course, the aluminum itself wasn’t exactly comfy warm, either. A female colleague of ours with a macho complex bigger than most of the men’s almost fell because she had lost the feeling in her hands. You kind of need that to climb.


Tickets for Rock Werchter should be arriving soon! Last time I let my girlfriend handle the payment things got a little too close for comfort, so this time I told her ‘no more anal until you get those tickets!’ She’s been spending 4 days at the post office waiting for them.

Okay, here’s a Good thing about Belgium: festival season. No other place on earth has festivals the quality of ours, at least not this many. Rock werchter is by far the best (and most expensive) of them, but there’s also Pukkelpop festival, Graspop metal meeting (guns ‘n roses, baby), Pukemarock, Melkrock, TW classic, the list goes on! Music everywhere! Hundreds of thousands of people, meeting at these places, saying ‘let’s all enjoy some music together’. It makes my eyes tear with emotion. Live Aid was a hoax, this is what music is about. It changed the world so so many years ago.


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  1. Tine

    hmmm, maybe you should ask yourself why it has  always been me taking care of the tickets. Yes, indeed Anal Boy, because otherwise, we wouldn\’t have seen any Werchter at all.
    Guess who\’s NOT gonna get laid tonight…

    16 April 2006 at 18:45

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