Change of plans.

I didn’t expect to be adding to this category again this soon. It’s been what, not even 3 months, and already the next ticket has been paid for, not by me this time. My friend can’t -or won’t- come along this time, either, which "sucks big, hairy, donkey balls". I’m sure he has a damn Good reason because he just knows I’ll be telling him about it for the rest of his life. He’ll get phone calls around 2 in the morning, from me saying "Hi, it’s me. This one time I was this mountain, and yada."

So my ‘too good to be true’ feeling turned out to be grounded, at least partially. I should start to pay more attention to when I get those, who knows the lil’ old lady at the pita restaurant was right and I can predict the future. Fuck that’d be cool.

So, what does it come down to? Me, taking off on a plane the 9th (unless plans change…), staying there for a week, and coming back the 16th. Somehow involved are a boat and Denmark, but how exactly, I don’t know.


My girlfriend hasn’t been too enthusiastic about it, mostly because I’ve been behaving like a big fucking inconsiderate asshole, but also because I promised her she could come next time and now it has turned out otherwise. It’s not that it’s Impossible, I just… don’t want it. My rotten little conscience already has to bear (not a real bear) the fact that someone else is going to pay for my trip, I couldn’t just go and ask ‘hey can I bring someone’. Even if she’d say yes, I just… couldn’t.

I am going to Norway, because a girl whom I’ve been staying with for a week spontaneously offered to pay for a plane ticket. Theoretically my girlfriend could come, even pay for her own ticket, but I don’t want her to. Yeah, if I were her, I’d be pretty fucking annoyed about it, too. But I’m not, and all I did was not see it coming a mile away. I can be a regular fucking sociopath now and then.

A sociopath who’s still going to Norway!


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