Shut up and nod already.

Okay, get this.

Last year I took a scaff course, so I could broaden my qualifications, and get more work. When finished, we all had to sign a paper with safety regulations, stating clearly that everyone must wear their safety harness for any height more than 2 meters, and this harness was to be supplied by our employer, in this case RoadRunner.

It took me 4 times of being sent up in the trusses without Any Fucking form of safety before I figured, it would take someone to fall to his death before the bastards at the office would be unable to sleep at night and finally supply safety equipment. The only guarantee I could get that this poor bastard wasn’t going to be me, was to buy my own harness.

I wasn’t exactly on a high budget, so I had to go with a simple belt . Those will stop you, but if you hooked up too low you’ll still fall a certain depth and the jerk of the safety line can break your back. So I had to buy an energy-absorber with it, which cost twice as much as the belt itself. Price tag: €100.


One year later, insurance companies revised their regulations and announced frequent inspections. On itself that’s just fantastic, because no one had to die before the fucks at the office decided to maybe take responsibility and supply safety gear.

For me personally, that sucks dick. Because now, I was told, my climbing belt isn’t good enough, it has to be a full harness. "But that’s okay, we can supply you one.   ….For 100 euros." That’s right, the greedy bastards actually charge us for that. I could say no, but then I’d lose the job I love so much. I could argue, but without union or regulations, I don’t have a leg to stand on. So what’s left for me to do? Shut up and nod already.

I did get one lucky break. The €100 is the sum of the harness and the energy absorber, both €50. Since I have my own energy absorber already, so this is "only" going to cost me €50.


I can really go without this shit. I’m on an absolute minimum of income, and in the very near future I’ll have Big fricken’ bills to pay.

Maybe if I put my belt up on EBay, I might get something for it. Anyone want a climbing belt?


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