cross-eyed point of view

I said I’d do it, and I did. I couldn’t help myself, I got me a new leatherman. Although I got a better type than last time, it cost me less cause I bought it on Ebay. A Wave. Mmmm, what a beauty.

It still sucks I lost my old one in the woods, though. Luckily I’m not a materialist, or I’d have been in a bad mood for the rest of the week. Maybe it cost me more than it was worth, and it was "only" a Tool, is was still mine and it basically was my answer to everything. "Anyone got a knife?" –"Sure, I got my leatherman right here."    "You wouldn’t happen to have a screwdriver on you?" –"Of course I do."   "Honey I forgot my tampons." –"Heyy, no problem!" I just whooped out my leatherman and everything worked out.

Now I got this fancy new model with blades that can be opened with 1 hand and without having to open the pliers, but I still miss my own over-priced little old Tool. After all, there’s little that this monster can do that my old one couldn’t.


The naivety of the masses never ceases to amaze me. For some reason, they seem to think that they can tell the govermnent what to do, or that the impossible goals they set will be only a matter of time.

The non-profit organisation 11.11.11 promised the africans they will "make poverty history" by 2015. Now, there’s a Huge banner hanging in town, "JUST PROMISES ARE NOT ENOUGH". What the fuck. I don’t remember making that promise. If they come up with actual plans for education and prevention instead of throwing money at it, I might be more inclined to help out. Pumping the country full of cash will solve absolutely Nothing.

The American CIA is being investigated by european agencies, because they used private jet companies to transport prisoners unseen. When using commercial air lines, they must notify that they’re a government agency and transporting prisoners. With private air lines, they don’t have to do that. Now Europe is pissed at the community and Amnesty International asked to please stop doing that. By doing so they make absolute fools of themselves in my eyes, because it means they assume the American government gives a flying fuck about what they think. If the CIA really intended to listen to anything Amnesty International has to say, I’m sure they’d just invite Bono over for tea and have him open their eyes to human rights and all that bullshit.

Millions of dollars seem to have mysteriously Vanished from the Tsunami fund. Oh dear god and everyone goes hysteric. How is this possible. How could this happen. Top managers and officials are being questioned for fraude. The public stands amazed by how these people can pull this off without being caught. It seems like I’m the only one thinking, "DUH!?" These people didn’t get their jobs because of their good looks! It is their Job to find ways, loopholes, to get what they want. And they’re good at it, otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten where they are today. Behind door number two, there’s an astronomic sum of money. All it takes is a mere lack of healthy conscience, and there’s Plenty of those people around. The rest is history. And future, because people are still too naive to think that this happens daily, unchecked.


I do not mean by this that it’s right to close your eyes for it. It’s just a matter of where to look. Don’t let these folks run amok or give them political invulnerability. They got this job for the money, not so they could make who ever they work for really happy.

Folks who disagree with me are usually the same people who will cross the street when they see someone approaching, asking for money. "Can you spare some change?" Ignore them, and they’ll go away. They’ll just use it to buy booze or smack.

Can your spare some change… Of course we can spare some change, what kind of question is that. We’re just afraid to take out our wallets, because it’s full of bills and all that guy has is the shrapnel in his hands. We tell ourselves he’ll just abuse our compassion for his addiction, and that the money we give to non-profit organisations will be spent in a better way, because they wear suits.

Not wanting to toot my own horn, I always give the money they ask for. "for the train", "to call home", all blatant lies, everyone knows that. What are they supposed to say, I’m a bum and I’m hungry? I need my shot? Whatever the hell they’re going to spend it on, I’m sure it’s more important to them than what we will buy with it, because you don’t see us going through the Humiliation of asking money from people who look down on us. Even if it’s for drugs, so what? This guy Craves his drugs. He Needs them. Do we need the snickers we are about to buy with this money more? Is our chocolate somehow superior to his alcohol? Will we even have to go without our fucking candy if we give him the money? If that’s the case, you’re probably one of them, having to ask money on the streets.


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