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Oh look, something crapped on the windshield.

Wow, it’s been since June that I last updated. Just didn’t feel like it. Looking back, It was probably for the best. Ramblings about the meaning of life and its applications have turned into moaning about the weather. Besides, it’s not like I promised anyone regular updates. I’m not sure what causes this. Could be that I’m just.. finished talking, or that I’ve grown out of it. I think it might be that I just feel more comfortable with how things go, without feeling the need to analyze and piss and moan. Frankly I don’t care enough to bother figuring that out.

However! That does not mean nothing has happened. Au contraire, It’s been a damn busy 2 months. My Norwegian friend came to visit, went to Rock Werchter together, I went along with the VKSJ (sort of girlscouts, although they’ll curse me for calling them that) as a cook (yes, cook. Ha, ha.), and the days in between I’ve been doing little else than building and taking down huge party tents with a group of retards named Flandria, occasionally as crew chief for the fellow RoadRunners.

All in all, plenty of stuff to tell my grandchildren.


My DartMUD addiction stays pretty much the same, not much can change that. I was on sort of a hiatus for a little while, but there I am again. My char’s name this time is Maus (yes, as in a german mouse), and he represents my own character more than any of my in-game characters so far. In fact I enjoy exagurrating him some: potty mouthed, anarchistic and somewhat antisocial. I do enjoy playing him; it somewhat shows how I’d do in an alternate environment.

There’s a funny thing about active role-players, it can also be found within the SM culture and likely other things where the definition of the subject depends on your interpretation of it. That is, everyone seems to think they’re the only one actually "into" it, and the rest are either wannabe’s or freaks. Although it has happened, it’s very rare that you meet someone with the same perceptions as you. As a result, almost all role players seem to look down on eachother. Without even knowing eachother, there’s always a level of distrust and unfounded jealousy.

On a side note:
Clicky. Be a dear. Give us a boost. We can use fresh blood.


As if the shows from work and Werchter weren’t enough, I’m stocking up on tickets for this autumn. Tool with my buddy, Dragonforce with my Norwegian friend, and Lacuna Coil with my girlfriend. I don’t think those Kaizers Orchestra ones will arrive, but I had no one to go with so I don’t mind terribly.

Live concerts are fucking awesome. Plenty of times I’ve seen a band that fails to catch my interest, but matched an undeniable quality when playing live. The shitty part about that is that you end up buying albums you turn out not liking, like Matisyahu recently. I hate reggae.

If I ever change jobs, I’ll probably end up buying concert tickets "just because". They’re a lot more fun than parties with music you hate and crowds you don’t feel any relation to whatsoever.


About a dozen paragraphs were written here, and deleted again. About thoughts, Cirque du Soleil, and god forbid, the weather. It just doesn’t inspire me anymore, so fuck it. I’ll update when I feel like it. Maybe before newyear, maybe not. Meh.