Pain and Pleasure

I finally, after promising all around, subscribed to capoeira lessons.  Every thursday for two hours, which is exceptionally long. I don’t mind, though, it cost me enough and I intend to really work on this.
Capoeira, for the illiterate, is a mixture of dance and martial art, that originates from Brazil, where it was practiced by African slaves instead of a "real" martial art, which was forbidden by their owners. That’s about it, in a nutshell and one sentence.
Our "Capoedo" (he calls himself that but I doubt it’s an actual term) is a huge black guy from around Brazil, and only speaks french. It’s quite confusing, all this french with portugese terms mixed together. But, he’s a great teacher.
Before this, I’ve been to two "try-outs" to see how I liked it. Even though one of them was with this teacher, neither came remotely close to the real thing. This guy is a slave driver, all he needs is a whip. Not that he doesn’t know how to hurt us. I don’t mind, though. Pain is good. "You haven’t made an effort until yout taste blood." I was worried I’d end up on the same boat as many karate and other martial art students, in a "black belt factory" dojo, where all you need to do is kick right to get a shiny new color belt. I’d find it a real shame to waste my money on becoming the laughing stock of those who actually make an effort to learn their moves right.
But luckily, that’s not the case. Our teacher is thorough, and doesn’t stop hurting you until you got it down to perfection. As a result, you’re so stiff the next few days you can hardly walk upright.
I get the feeling I’m doing well. Let’s hope that trend continues, because some of the moves we’re supposed to learn in the future, I’m not too sure about.
Ring of Power is a bdsm themed MUD. Now, before anyone starts: This does not mean that you plunge into a cyber orgy the moment you log in. There are players who cyber on the MUD, but those who are not interested, are not dragged into it.
That said, let me note I’m not looking for masturbation material. I just so happen to be rather open-minded and very interested in the subject.
I play a character named James. Friendly, polite and probably a bit formal at times. The two things he does are exploring the area, and sitting at Lucky’s bar, the main hang-out for both masters and slaves.
RoP is a MUD based purely and entirely on role playing. Out-Of-Character chatting, even with the proper command, is not very welcome. Also, you will immediately see that RoP is poor quality compared to DartMUD. Items in a room description can’t be examined individually, or even manipulated. There are few items in the game, and 99% of those are sm toys that only the owner can pick up.
Instead, RoP is focused on role playing. You can have items created for you, you can alter your description at will (with 5 states of clothing, hee hee), and after a while you get a house that you design and describe, sadly with all the same characteristics mentioned before.
Still, I like to play it. Unlike DartMUD, where emotes can only be 80 characters long and only used for practical purposes, people make a real effort to write full, colorful sentences. I need my translating program regularly, but the MUD still reads like a book. But mostly, I play because I’m very interested in the kind of relationship. Of course, plenty of couples do some dominance role playing in their bedroom, but not much take it out of the bedroom, and this far. There is nothing sexual about the things the "slaves" have to do. Fetch a beer, amuse us, shut the hell up. Some slaves will intentionally start a scene to get punished.
Even though the slave-master relationship theoretically originates from sex, neither the slave or the master are constantly on a sexual high when role playing (on the MUD as well as in real life) this way. Especially for the slave, it’s often just a kind of relationship they feel comfortable in. There’s of course always a sexual undertone, but occasionaly even that is forgotten.
My girlfriend finds these people (especially the slaves) "sad and despicable, and without self respect". She surprises me, I thought she was more open to that. Not that I intended to go and take off my belt for her any time, but still.
I don’t. Not only am I intrigued by the concept, I enjoy discussing it with the players/characters. Of course there’s things I don’t agree with and certainly stuff that I wouldn’t want any fucking where near me, but I far from despise the people that do.

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