Forgive me. I hadn’t recognised you.

There is an annual film festival in Gent, displaying old classics and new to-be classics. My girlfriend, studying to be a translator, does her internship there, translating and dubbing a movie called "Wristcutters: A Love Story". Black comedy, great movie. Go see it.
Thanks to that, she was given a number of free tickets, to pass around to anyone who wants to see "her" movie. She got quite a few and since not every friend can make the time to see it, we can use them to see other movies shown. So, since it had such good reviews and interesting trailer, we went to see "The Fountain".
If you haven’t seen The Fountain yet, you are committing a deadly sin. This movie is without a single doubt the best A movie I’ve seen in my life. Anyone who has lost someone dear to him, anyone who is losing someone dear to him, and anyone who will lose someone dear to him, will find answers and even comfort in this film. That means you, bitch. Don’t sit around here while you could be watching it.
The Fountain is about a couple, a biology professor and his wife. She is sick and he is on the brink of finding the cure, discovering the most amazing things, but not the serum he is looking for. It frustrates him, and he must make choices between standing by her and searching for her cure.
The movie actually consists of 3 entwined stories, the previously mentioned one being the central axis around which the other two take shape. The sick woman is writing a story, about a war in Spain that drives a "conquistador" to central America, looking for the second tree of Eden. Those who did their homework will know there were 2 trees in Eden: the tree of wisdom, of which Adam and Eve ate and was destroyed by God’s "flaming sword", and the tree of life, which should still be standing around in the garden of Eden. It is this tree that the spaniard is looking for, to wield its power and win the war.
The third story is about the same professor as before (actually all 3 male characters are one and the same), shooting through space in a soap bubble-like spaceship with a tree in the middle, headed for a nebula believed by the Mayans to be the underworld, in an attempt to make past things right again.
The fountain is a tribute to life, death and rebirth, western and eastern filosophy, and mental and emotional enlightenment. The main character is played by the same guy who plays Wolverine in the X-Men trilogy, who puts down some acting that will make your jaw drop, although perhaps I don’t really know all that much about good acting. The three stories aren’t incoherent as I feared, but flow into eachother like water, leaving you with very little annoying unanswered questions like many films that want to give you this "You didn’t see that one coming, did ya"-effect.
Some time ago I was musing to a friend, that with all the stunning graphics available these days, no one ever took the task on himself to create something beyond displaying material things. Even the most shocking CGI (computer generated… stuff) only show a series of known things, that hardly give you the feeling you’ve never seen it before. With modern day graphics, it is possible to go far beyond that, and try to grasp emotions and concepts in a visual interface, generating amazement without actually using known elements that stir an impression.
If The Fountain failed to reach that standard (I haven’t quite gotten my head around it yet), it came the closest I’ve seen thus far. The way the spaceship and surrounding nebula are put down, will make you wipe a tear away. It would be an absolute disgrace not to see this movie in theaters, high definition, all that fancy stuff.
In short, simply a breathtaking movie. Anyone should see it, I was simply amazed.
There is a certain friend I have that has a remarkable talent for photography and photoshop editing. She is modest enough to deny everything, but in a generous mood (I am full of compliments today) she is now giving out things she worked on to the first few that ask for it.

I tried, now you!

Tue, Oct. 17th (2006) | 23:51 pm
mood: giggly giggly

*The first 5 to comment will receive "some kind of art". It can be a small painting, poem, picture ect.. I can’t guarantee the quality, so you will not be allowed to go "hey, this suck!" afterwards! The only catch is that you have to post the same in your journal. So go for it.*
So there. Shameless promotion of personal connections. Also, I won’t get mine until I mention her here. It’s against my principles (It’s sacrilige, I tell you!) but I guess that just shows how much I want it.
This week my girlfriend and myself went to see Lacuna Coil. Think Evanescence with an anatomically even-more correct singer with a stunning voice, and a much more mature audience and you’re close enough. Supporting acts were Goth Minister and Poisonblack.
In the goth scene, in my humble opinion, there is always a gigantic difference between "trying" and "being". Many feel chosen, few are. I’ve seen countless people, in black and with studs and make-up all over, talking about shopping and boy/girlfriends. If you’re going to act superior and enlightened, please, be exactly that. Claiming to be so while being no different from others makes you hypocrit, sorry to burst your bubble.
I had the same impression with Goth Minister. The band name alone made me raise an eyebrow, and the show was little more than posing with mechanical bats and climbing up and down a step ladder with black cloth wrapped around it. Black leather, white crosses, seen it all.
Now, Poisonblack, however! Fuck that black shit, this guy was wearing a bright red shirt with a black celtic cross on it, rocking it up in true Axl Rose style. These guys just fucking ruled. Except for the drummer. He didn’t seem to know what he was doing, no power in him. But oh my god, was the music yummy. Buy this album. "Poisonblack – Lust, Stained, Despair."
Lacuna Coil itself, rocked about just as hard. Both singers – Christina Scabbia, a hauntingly beautiful woman (contralto) and Andrea Ferro, a okay but strange looking guy (tenor) – were wearing casual jeans and a white button shirt, in Christina’s case hardly buttoned up, unlike 99% of the fanbase who were all in black top to bottom.
One of the things that struck me most, is just how hard pretty little Christina kicked our asses. I’m betting she had a bigger dick than most of us under there. She was all over the stage, bullying us like a kid beating us up for lunch money.
One of the people that was affected by the "inexplicable wave of monthly deaths that passed by me" earlier this year, who lost his newborn child, is now blessed with a son. The daughter who didn’t make it was named Rune, and on the birthcard of young Jasper, it said
Somewhere on a small cloud
Our little Rune is floating
Watching our happiness with a smile.
I was very moved by this card, I’m not sure why that is. But if there is anyone I want to see happy, it is these two young parents.
Congratulations, you guys who will never read this.
And rest in peace.

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