Black ‘n White

Just when you thought you’ve just about seen it all, something new comes along and you catch yourself with open mouth and a woody again.
Muse fucking rocked. The smooth, lemon sour, ohyesrighthere kind of rockin’. It was noticeable from the very start of the production: Every little thing was just that little better. Speakers, monitor wedges, instruments, lighting,… everything had that extra edge of quality that is normally so easily sacrificed for profit. Even the damn mic stands were top notch.
This trend of superiority translated and injected itself right into the crowd, and the artists. Before the show kicked off, people were dancing to what’s supposed to be the background music, and doing a wave in the stands. The effect you get on stage from this kind of vibe is just unbelievable: the energy just floods you as if it were physically there. It feels like you’re swimming through pea soup, constantly confused and distracted by the massive release of energy before you. I’m trying hard, but it’s just indescribable.
Needless to say, when Muse entered the stage, the place just fucking, exploded. Starting off with Map of the Problematique, the artists managed to steer this crowd and keep its balls into a vice-like grip, gently massaging it up to unseen heights. Butterflies and Hurricanes, Supermassive Black Hole, New Born followed… all sounded equally as tight and near perfection.
Just when you think you’ve seen it all.
With still a pounding erection, the next week I was expected in the Capitole, a theatre here in Gent. The job was to follow-spot (Steering an over sized spotlight to highlight the artist) during rehearsal and shows of a new production, called "De Komedianten Revue". Imagine the most random, retarded follow-up of face making and fart jokes and you’ll begin to comprehend just what a godawful show this is.
The few things funny about it aren’t the sketches, but the stereotypical cast and crew. The main actor and director is a socially retarded asshole, his fellow actor is a fat guy with less talent than Kelly Osbourne. Both are gay and I can imagine just how he got the role. Yikes.
The rest of the cast are wonderful people, and of course shoved way in the back with some side roles to play.
Crew technicians are 30 to 40-something men, sleepless, cynic type but awesome people. The working crew (which I am part of) are mostly under 25, rock ‘n roll, so fucking what kind of guys, great gang.
Press is chewing this show up and spitting it out on a dish to serve. Cast of course, says they are wrong but honestly, this show sucks in so many ways, it’s going to have success nowhere but in Antwerp. Sad, but very true.

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