Break out the cheap cigars

"I would like to mention that is has been a delight working with Maarten. He has a clear feeling for music and on top of finally having someone behind the buttons worth looking at, he watched the show with interest, following on his pages. He smiled when you got it right, and he frowned when you got it wrong. You can’t imagine how many technicians just push a button on their cue and skip to the next one. I loved how he called the performance "The Show" just now, it proves how he interprets his work."

This quote, without buts, excepts or any of those, comes from one of the biggest directors of Dutch speaking Belgium, Hugo Iforgethisname. He directed a play, praised among both the media and the public, where I happened to volunteer as sound technician.

Last week, a month or two after the plays, the whole cast and crew got together to talk things over. It was announced that several records were broken, and aside from a few details eveyone agreed it was a wonderful experience. We all sat and told our side of the story. The director was last, and this was one of the first things he said. There were around 25 people present, and I am the only one he mentioned by name, even. I was pretty dumbstruck, especially if you take into account that I’m not even really a part of the group. I’m sort of an interim, filling in for someone who left a while back. Zero education, let alone experience. I witnessed the show grow from an outside perspective, I was never there during the highs and lows that happened mostly backstage.

I didn’t really know what to say, but thank you. We, the technical crew, had been thanked once or twice before, which I always greatly appreciate because we are easily and often forgotten. And then Hugo just turned all attention on me. I can’t imagine what my face must have looked like.


Paid-for work on the other hand, is dying away from death. Just when I need it, there’s just no work available. Either that, or the Gent crew is without driver, yet fucking again. One of the big-shots from Gent (with a car) with close bonds with StageCo and other major companies has left, so the rest of us is now stuck with scraps, or lately, nothing at all. I’m going to have to find other ways to get some income, or I’m seriously fucked. Perhaps I should check on those interim ofices, but seriously, no more industry for me. The only other experienced colleague in town is now working for Cataro: Industrial cleaning. Thanks but no thanks.

It does pay loads, though, and loads is what I need. I don’t know. Maybe I should just get that damn driver’s licence already, they did offer me a company car at one point.

Bleh, Maarten is adapting. Imagine that, the corporate little whore.


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