When bears attack

It’s quiet. Unnaturally quiet, suggesting a lack of medium. Two entities present seem unbothered, however, their concentration absorbed by something else entirely. They don’t stand, they don’t float. They have a face, expressionless and utterly calm, though it is near impossible to make out. Colors represent each individual, confetti-like sparks and ribbons gathered inside or around their being.

"What went wrong?"

– "Nothing went wrong. Things came to pass as they do. Nothing was taken from you, you were only given."

– "Yet still something was damaged in the process, I can feel it. It seems… beyond repair. So much lost."

– "Nothing lost, only gained, my son. These happenstances only give. Your greed blinds you, you demand more from a source that can give no more."

– "Is that why it broke? Because I asked too much from it?"

– "No. It never broke, it ran out. At this moment, the dry source has become something else, and has joined the vastness of such deeply regretted warmth."

– "Like death."

– "Like death, but not the same. Do not bother to ask for differences, they are too numerous and you already know what you need to."

– "Can it ever be repaired? Could I ever receive what I ask, again? Will it work as it used to?"

– "No. The only option is a comparable state, never undamaged, or as plentiful."

– "A comparable state."

– "Do not pity yourself, son. You may some day regret it terribly."

– "You speak of regret as if you concider it inevitable. …Will I make it that far, even? Will I still be standing?"

– "Of course you will. As you are known to state in your slumber, ‘The best moments of your life were spent on your knees’."

– "That is a lie, and you know it. It is a joke. Wishful thinking. Self-redicularisation. Sarcasm."

– "It is not. It is a deeper understanding of your emotional state. The only humor is your unawareness of this. Blindly you walk your path without stumbling."

– "If anyone would know this, it would be you, wouldn’t it. I will concider this a compliment, with a lack of comprehension."

– "I am as ignorant as you are, son. I cannot see any more into the future than you can. But I know you, as well as you know yourself. And from this I can tell, you will live, in which ever state. If you would only look where I am pointing, you could see the confidence growing as we speak. You are arrogant, my son, but not unforgivably so.

– "…I’m afraid."

– "Unfounded fear. The singular essence to fear is that which is given to you. By us. Instead of gratitude, you give us arrogance, demanding control. And still, you are afraid to be given. Afraid to take. Afraid to ask for more."

– "I will be denied."

– "A pessimistic view, which blocks progress. You know this, from experience. The only control we allow is prayer. A request, nothing more."

– "I want it. Badly. What I have will not be enough."

– "Amusing attempt, son. However it does not qualify as a prayer. You know better."

– "There’s… Too much at stake, too much to lose. I need my faith strengthened before risking all this."

– "Faith is something only two beings can help you with… ‘It sucks to be you’, son."

– "That’s my line."

– "I am aware. Now go."


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