And we’re off. To kill the memory of our ex, to see the world before we’re too told to do so, to re-wire our social self image.
No you’re being overdramatic.

I will be keeping a travel log and actually, I don’t think I have ever had this many potential readers before. For those of you new here: Updates are at irregular intervals and occur only when I feel like writing. The purpose of this is, quite literally, keeping a log, for self-reflection. I put it online to encourage constructive input and for the amusement of others as well as establishing a see-through communication, not necessarily honest but all the more sincere, which I think the world lacks greatly.

In other words, comments are very welcome, tips and criticism appreciated.


I hard-wired a network of websites together. As a result, anything put into a certain folder on my computer, will be automatically updated on this website and from there, fed to a facebook account. The same goes for text. I write it on a program on my computer, send it here from where it is piped through to facebook and gives a message of sorts on MSN messenger. Didn’t know that was possible, did ya?

This means that, if you are reading this on facebook, you are getting the updates but not the big picture. For that you need to be on the Picasa website (no relevant entries there yet) or the travel section of the blog site.  Bookmark and tell friends and family, so I can whore for attention to more people at once, and in return I will be carrying around a USB stick that allows me to easily update both of these. It’s a win-win situation, with no purpose or added value, but do you have anything better to do?

"Travel reports with an edge." There’s your promotional slogan.

While you’re at it, a good friend, the one who, along with his girlfriend, started it all, keeps a blog of his own. I choose black just to be wayward. It’s a good read.


All damn day I’ve been basically sitting on my ass, and at 7 in the evening I realize I forgot to pick up my travel pass. As a result, I will have to get up early and travel to Destelbergen and back to fetch it before the train leaves here around noon. If I fail to do that, the trip is off. If that is the case, I guess you will notice soon enough.

HOWEVER that doesn’t mean I am going to sit and mope about it. It simply would end with me grabbing the first plane that gets close enough, and taking off. I did not spend the last month looking forward to this to have it end this way. I am out of here and my own dysfuncional mind isn’t going to keep me from doing just that. The same goes for the little old lady behind the counter, by the way. If she knows what’s good for her, she will kindly co-operate. I am ready to jump someone’s throat at this point.


Thank you for all the support.
Take care, who ever you are, where ever you are.


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