Galway: Shifting Gears

I made it from Dublin to Galway, east to west, in one go. I had to take the bus for the last couple towns after it had gotten dark, but €5 is nothing compared to the small fortune I was facing. So now I’m in an award-winning town, living in an award-winning hostel looking over an award-winning square, and I’m… frustrated.

This place is packed. When I came in here, I thought there would be no way they would have vacancies left. And yet still, it all just flows around me. I’m just, minding my own business, or watching in silence.

Maybe I’m trying too hard, or focusing too much. It’s funny, just recently I went and lectured someone about opening up to others, and here I find myself giving up. Seriously, we’re just over a week in and I’ve had enough. Browsing through the available folders here I found an ad for "Ireland on the wild side". Dumb as it may sound, I think I’m going to tag along. There’s a good possibility some of these trips take more than one day and I think it would be good to clear my head.

Everyone’s talking here, they seem incapable of shutting up. Australians, mostly, about the jobs they got here and the fact that they are looking for a house of their own. I honestly hope their vocabulary isn’t shared by the rest of their country. The accent is fine, but if your repertoire consists of little more than "cool", "That’s so funny!" and "like", and your every sentence ends with a question mark, you will quickly irritate the mainlanders around you. Combine this with the fact that they are damn gorgeous, spontaneous and all that shit, and you have a perfect combo to make Maarten not say a word. Staring in his mug of tea, black since they don’t seem to have any other kind in the whole of Ireland, more inclined to put his headphones in than strike up a conversation.

How many kilometers?
And I end up in a place
Full of people I don’t want to even
Fucking talk to

–Travel log

Since I missed the bus to Connamara, which is I heard, "Like, totally beautiful?" I am going to keep to strolling through town today. Maybe I’ll find the coastline and folow it for as long as the sun permits.

Bah. I really could use someone to talk to.

Alright so Galway isn’t all that bad. I think it would be nicer during the summer. I took a walk along the coastline and I must have ended up 2 towns further, from which I could see the cliffs that are used as a local tourist attraction. I think what I’ll do is, book an extra night at the hostel here and walk it. Connemara tomorrow, legging it the day after. Grab my backpack and taking a hike up the west coast. I’m working on a sign that simply states "A place to SLEEP pls" just in case, and walk the coast until I get tired of it or run into the love of my life or something. One can only hope, hm?

Back with the protestors, a friendly bloke gave me his number, saying he lived somewhere to the northwest and had a spare couch.
I sent a couchsurfing request to a town way out of reach as well, I’m hoping to find a place there to find some rest and company. I want to get up there on foot, so it seems I am facing long walks and harsh winds as I will be following the coastline. Fuckin’, awesome. Looking forward.

Also, I am spending way too much time here. Internet in this place is too cheap for me.


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