Galway: The Vigil

10 days. Not even. I feel like I’ve been away for a month. I’m still stuck in Galway and I’m getting tired of it more and more.

There’s a cd of mine playing behind me, the Fountain OST. It was a christmas gift. It struck me how intensely things like this remind me of home, and how powerful the emotional response is.Also behind me are 3 french people, turning it down rather briskly amd joking to each other, "Time to relax." I cam’t blame them, the volume was way up, but still. It’s my music. I would like to be able to hear it, thank you. It’s all I have at this point.

This is where it really gets difficult. Everywhere I turn there’s Australians not giving a fuck, and friendly masks covering up the real disinterest so honestly portrayed in bigger cities. Every time I get the impression that I am being liked, I look again to be facing someone’s shoulderblades. And call me weak but it hurts, every time.

CHANGE OF PLANS here’s what’s going to happen.

One, fuck air-conditined buses stopping every 15 minutes to give you barely enough time to shoot a picture. Fuck antisocial sitting in the back with my music player turned up. I’ll walk, thankyouverymuch.

Two, I’m ditching this place. The friendliness of this country town is a hoax. They don’t really give a shit when they ask how you are doing, they’re asking what you want and how much you are about to pay for it. And just because they do it with a smile, doesn’t mean they won’t back up over your face after running you over. There is something very disenchanting when this almost overly friendly girl turns on you after you’ve paid for your sandwich. It’s a hoax.

Today is the 8th. Tomorrow, 9th obviously, I will be hitch-hiking to Clifton, or Clifden, they seem to have a hard time deciding. Let’s hope that fact doesn’t render half of ny target audience unable to read my sign. I will be staying there for the night and because I got up early, hopefully I will be able to visit the cliffs and try one of those walks that are supposedly very impressive. I am actually looking forward to that.

The 10th and 11th I will be staying at a hostel inside an ancient monastery, after walking the distance. It’s located at Letterfrack, at the edge of the infamous Connamara national park. I just realise that this will not give me time to do two loop hikes, but only one instead. Blah. Anyway I plan to make it as hard as possibly on myself and take the long route up Diamond Hill. I would love to do many more but the hostel is quite expensive and I am not equipped for the longer hikes. Still…
Ah, I’m sure I’ll come across plenty of nice views.

On the 12th I will be staying in Westport with a 60-something hippy, but here is where it gets a little vague. It seems there is a fellow couch surfer around town as indecicive as I am, and we’re crossing paths right where there is only place for 1 of us. We’ll see how that goes. I don’t intend to stay longer than 2 days, but!

Then we have a gap, before the 14th OR 15th, when I can take it up north further to Ballina to stay at another couch surfing address, after which the notebook is still blank.

I gathered the courage to check my savings, and it turns out I am still smack at the same amount I started off with. This inspired me to do some investments: A decent map and compass for the walks, and a vest. The latter was only €28 and though it is far from perfect, it was way underpriced. The shop owner even turned to his employee when he saw the label, asking "Did you put this on here??" I think I just ripped them off. Awesome. That’ll teach them and their friendly manners. Filling, double seams, it’s got all it needs for when I take it up the mountains.

The weather so far has been spookily good. Although I heard this is the coldest winter in many years, the sky is open and in over 2 weeks they haven’t had anything worse than a drizzle. That will change on Saturday however, right when I am planning to go walking. Crossing my fingers on that one.


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  1. Isis

    If you ever need someone to care when asking \’How are you?\’, you know where to find me.I\’ve been enjoying reading your blog and watching your progress. Despite your cynical attitude at times, it\’s inspiring. I doubt I could ever brave not knowing where I might sleep or when I might return. I respect your sense of adventure.Anyway, keep your chin up out there. No matter where you go, the majority of the population is bound to be assholes and people with a stick shoved so far up their ass they can\’t do anything but look down their noses at you. No matter which country you brave, you\’ve got to muck through the shit to find the gems of souls beneath it all. Think less on the assholes and more on the people that have helped and touched your life.I hope your trip is all you wish it to be and that you find whatever it is you\’re looking for.Be safe and take care out there.Love,Kayla/Isis

    9 January 2009 at 06:04

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