Heart Felt


Shit’s passing by so fast I’m getting a whiplash just looking at my agenda. Holy shit yes, Bob has an agenda now. Between going to school, working for two separate theater productions simultaneously, making preparations for a party I’m deejay’ing and a few hours sleep per day, there’s little time left for a life of a satisfactory kind. Not that I’m not enjoying myself, mind you.

Why that is? Because I can finally put my competences to use. A whole lot of the things I know and can are being put to the test, from what little I learned in Industrial Sciences class in making an electro magnet from scratch, to musical knowledge in the music I’m collecting.

But there’s so much more! Don’t get what the electro magnet is for? Don’t worry, I learned to use this 3D modeling program to draw it out for you- I can even make the parts move. Need your music thoroughly edited to make it fit your play? How’s this? Perfect? Good.

On top of that is the shitload I already picked up in school, already. From audio equipment to Ohm’s law, we’re barely twenty days in and already I can put these things to good use.

But god, I wish I could split myself in two sometimes. Shit’s nearly going nearly tits-up at the theater, and I barely have enough time to get my own contribution in order, let alone help the others. Where I was once welcomed as a hero, I am now… well, absent.

I’m enjoying myself, but I’m in the red and I can’t keep this up for long. Luckily the ongoing productions aren’t going to last forever and in due time I might get some time for myself. Thing is though, I quickly get tired of free time so I try not to complain about a lack of it.

I’m doing well and I can tell. I have no problem concentrating in class because it interests me enormously, and I have the feeling I’m building towards something. What that is, time will tell, but I can’t wait.


I changed websites, some might have noticed. They made me do it, or I wouldn’t have. I’m a Microsoft bitch.

Yeah yeah, this and that feature and ohmigod privacy options and yada yada. Content stays the same.
Some entries apparently lost their category settings. I don’t feel like going back four years or more to correct them all, so consider posts before this “hopelessly jumbled” until further notice. Much, much further.

Please notice that to the top right, you can see a link to the “Trespass Photography” part of the site, which I encourage you to visit and share with friends, family, and attractive young women digging photographers.

Oh and all that jazz can be found right here:
How sexy is that?


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