Bigotry and Sin

The bigotry of the non-believer is almost as entertaining to me as that of the believer.


There may come a time when we can move on without letting logical fallacy cloud our judgement on right and wrong, but it won’t be any time soon. Today, we still live in a society torn by contradicting views. Let’s get one thing straight on that subject: No opinion causes conflict in itself. It’s the difference of which, that leads to a lot of pain and misery.

Anyone aware of this should be able to conclude that they should be a little careful shouting their views for all to be heard. If these people exist, they are likely in the vast minority.
People love their freedom of speech so much to compensate for their freedom of thought, which they rarely use. A fact that should be taught in school at an early age. It’s not that everyone isn’t entitled to their own opinion, right or wrong (because looking at the naked facts, an opinion is always right or wrong), but the intolerance of which towards others’ wil bring our global society to its demise one day.
I’m looking at you too, atheists.

I am not one of them, but an enormous number of people need something stronger, higher to believe in. Whether it is a God or some powers attributed to quartz, they need to feel that there is some mystical, invisible power they can wield to help heal themselves or make the world a better place.
They use it to solidify the ethics they carry, to materialize the notion of good and bad and put it to good use in the name of something greater than them.

So no, I don’t think religion as a principle should be fought, or contained within the living room of its practitioners. So many wonderful things are done by creationists for the sake of doing good, probably more than you and I are doing, right now. Who are we to say they are fundamentally mistaken?

Yes, terrible things are done in the name of religion, just as well. But I think these things are related in the same way computer games and gang violence are. The people considering it necessary to take things that far and destroy what was built, may point the finger to some higher being as an excuse, but (as with everything), there is a major difference between an excuse and an actual reason. They’re fucked up enough to take any reasoning as a valid one in order to go and commit murder. Attacking them unprovoked on their religious views will merely give them a reason to retaliate.

All this pro/contra religious bullshit divides us and draws our time and energy away from things that do matter, like the fucking consequence of our actions, which defines whether we are good people much more than the reasoning behind them. Surely this isn’t so hard to follow?

Let’s be fair for a moment: For me, it is very hard to believe that we all come from a single forefather. I can’t accept that the earth is a couple thousand years old, or that there is some big white guy in a beard watches over us. What I find far more likely, is that scientists now managed to create a mini-big bang by colliding particles and that all matter consists of little vibrating strings.
What’s also true is that a unicorn shat in my backpack the other day and I baked delicious cake of it.

If I would have changed the paragraphing slightly, it would have been damn hard to figure out just where I was serious and where I wasn’t just now (other than the fact that I don’t ever bake cake). It all sounds equally unbelievable if you rip it out of context. So who am I to claim that my views (that exclude the alternate-universe string theory) are more sound than anyone else’s? I all got it from hear-say anyway, passed down from physicist to a computer to a reporter to another computer to me- and that is the shortest possible route, laced with oversimplification.

While unlikely, I don’t think it’s entirely impossible for me to die one day and stand before Saint Peter. And I can swear to you, that I will fall to my knees and beg for forgiveness in the case that I got it all wrong and there is actually a hell for those who don’t repent. It might seem selfish and short-sighted, but fucking Maynard, what more proof would you need?

I have my opinion and I’ll defend it to the grave, unless you can prove me irrefutably, that I was wrong. But that doesn’t mean I claim to be right, and neither should you- or anyone. Second-guessing oneself is a habit that will not only increase your own quality of living (though not your peace of mind), but arms us, as a society, against outside (read: above) influence. And don’t kid yourself: that influence is there, in the form of advertisement, cloudy politics, and whatever they come up with; “they” being those with the knowledge and means.

The assumption that you’re correct bring with it war, inner conflict and the decay of our society, all in their most literal forms. It controversially makes the arrogant weaker. The simple act of back-tracing your thought process and double-checking it with the things that you know, because you thought them out in the first place -rather than been spoonfed and assumed real- is of critical importance.

In human terms:
You could be wrong. Don’t assume that you are but get ready to accept that you are, at the first proof. Until then, stick with your principles but don’t enforce them upon others (like I am now, oh the irony). Believe me, please: It makes you stronger, more stable, and less likely to be influenced in seriously dangerous ways.

won’t get you anything
that you lost


And don’t we all know it. Shame though, isn’t it? If only jealousy would get me someplace, my god, I’d be rich and famous by now.

Yeah yeah blah blah blah I’ve been so over and over this before. But it’s still there and it never diminishes. I’ve lost count how many times I feel that stinging feeling when that person you thought you were clicking with, turns around and goes to hump some smooth-talking guy’s leg. “Alright, once and never again” I then promise myself, and end up jumping headfirst in that same trap again at the next opportunity, up until when I could just kill them both but instead end up going home.

Such is the life of the melancholic, hm? It’s got its advantages but if I could, I would shed it like old skin and simply grow out of it, so I could love people as they are, without the hatred that grows proportionally.

Could’a would’a should’a. I can sing it by heart.

"If you don’t give a damn, we don’t give a fuck!" chants an emcee before his incitements are abruptly cut short when the power plug is pulled and the lights snapped on.

Dawn breaks and the last of the after-after-parties begin to spill into the streets. The hipsters are falling out, rubbing their eyes and scanning the surrounding landscape for the way back from which they came. Some hop on their fixed-gear bikes, some call for cabs, while a few of us hop a fence and cut through the industrial wasteland of a nearby condo development.

The half-built condos tower above us like foreboding monoliths of our yuppie futures. I take a look at one of the girls wearing a bright pink keffiyah and carrying a Polaroid camera and think, "If only we carried rocks instead of cameras, we’d look like revolutionaries." But instead we ignore the weapons that lie at our feet – oblivious to our own impending demise.

We are a lost generation, desperately clinging to anything that feels real, but too afraid to become it ourselves. We are a defeated generation, resigned to the hypocrisy of those before us, who once sang songs of rebellion and now sell them back to us. We are the last generation, a culmination of all previous things, destroyed by the vapidity that surrounds us. The hipster represents the end of Western civilization – a culture so detached and disconnected that it has stopped giving birth to anything new.

Douglas Haddow

Throughout history, decadence always shortly preceded demise. Right?
Food for thought.


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