At the peak of chaos, when everything happens at once and I don’t know how to keep up, I sometimes wonder why I put myself into such a mess. But subconsciously, I’ve always known the answer: Because on days like this, I’m ready to break things.

I just slept from 11pm to 3am and woke up, because it’s not my usual schedule. I already went out to let off some steam, but considering how fucking boring a city can be at 5 o’clock on a saturday morning, I can’t say I accomplished much of that.

I am literally bored out of my mind and it’s the worst feeling possible. I’m not very good company for myself, I’m too much of a pussy to deal with my own character. I seriously need something to do, someone to be, to get some feeling of accomplishment in, if necessary, redundant things. I was supposed to be working again but that faggot Usher got sick so that leaves around 200 people, including me, without a job. Thanks for nothing, douchebag.

You know what the problem is?? It’s fucking winter and I haven’t seen the sun since what feels like 1989. There’s a photo competition I’m participating in but with this typically Belgian, shit for weather I’m not getting much done. There’s no work, I’m lazy as fuck and the internet keeps throwing “art” like this (NSFW) at me and if that’s supposed to be helping; it’s fucking not.

At times like this the whole world can explode, so I at least have something to do. It makes me wish I‘m back on the Horseshoe, or knee deep in trouble again, so at least I get the feeling I’m worth a damn.

Belgium hasn’t had a government since 22nd of April last year. If I’m not mistaken- politics aren’t my cup of tea. That’s over two hundred days. We seem to be faring rather well, all things considered, but everyone knows a lack of progress means recession, which in turn means disaster. All theoretical of course, because even this whole financial crisis didn’t make a lick of difference in my wallet, which is empty most of the time, anyway.

People are getting fed up. We pay these ministers heaps of money for ruling our country, and they’re not even showing up at work. What do these people do, all day?
Me, I don’t really care. I didn’t vote so it would be kind of hypocrite of me to be disappointed in anyone. As a matter of fact, never before since voting became mandatory here in Belgium, did so many people refuse to vote. Music to my ears.


–noun, plural -cies.

1. Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

Not quite what we have, is it? We basically have nothing, because the people governing us can’t get along, can’t make up their minds, and have a completely different agenda than the people electing them.

This should come over as alarming to you. If it doesn’t, I suggest you re-join the flock. Allow me to rephrase: Our opinions and values are not represented by the people we elect as our governing factions.

According to that isn’t a requirement for a democracy, but I fail to see the point of having one if we, the people, don’t rule ourselves through spokespeople.
Every citizen here in Belgium wants shit to get a move on and for our whole country, being the French speaking half and the Dutch speaking half, to get along. What our politicians want, is something only their sponsors know, because it just so happens to be what they want, which is usually profit.

This so-called “democracy” is doomed to fail because at this point, no one knows what they’re voting for, anymore. The heroes among us are the ones who no longer do, and can say “Our opinions are not represented in the government offered to us. We will not choose between two evils, we demand something that works and gives us a chance for further progress.” Couldn’t take all that much effort, could it? All we need to do is not vote, or vote blank, and have our answer ready when we are finally asked what we want.

I’ve said this before: We are the masses, we are the many. We have everything to say on every social, economic and political standpoint. We should answer to nobody, and they should all have to answer to us. Before that is accomplished, nobody can speak of a truly functioning democracy.


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