I swear to fucking god, they put something in my toothpaste that’s keeping me awake. One moment I’m nodding off where I sit but when I exit the bathroom, I feel like I could lay down doing nothing for hours and not even doze. Which I then demonstrate.

Aqua, hydrated silica, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium benzoate, sodium lauryl sulfate, aroma, cellulose gum, titanium dioxide (wtf), sodium fluoride, methylparaben, sodium saccharin, sodium monofluophosphate, zinc citrate, triclosan, calcium clycerophosphate, salvia officinalis extract, propylene glycol, C.I 45430, limofene, sodium monofluorphosphate, sodium fluride and triclosan, whatever the hell all of those might be, but don’t you believe they would even mention the other 97%, which consists of Red Bull mixed with coffee grinds.

I have to get up at 7.50am if I want to be in Brussels at 10. I went to sleep around 2.30am, way to late as usual, and then proceeded to lay awake until 3.45. I think I did drift off at some point, but what I did most was toss and turn for what feels like 48 hours. So now it’s almost morning, and I’m not even sleepy yet. Bet your sorry ass that will come the very moment I sit my ass down in class. Always makes me have to come up with some big-ass artist I then lie about doing the load-out for, all night long.

I think I’m officially an insomniac by now. Before I always thought it was just my fucked up sleep pattern but this is seriously starting to worry me. Last night I crashed around 2am because I had an appointment around noon. It got cancelled, and I slept on until 3 in the afternoon. This isn’t normal!

I know the answer just might be some discipline and a few good habits, but that’s just not an option here. I am 26, single and unemployed, and I will damn well reap the benefits! It takes me about 4 hours for me to screw up my night rhythm up fundamentally as soon as I have no work or school the next day, which is technically impossible but I will still manage. The very moment I have nothing to wake up for, I turn as decadent as humanly possible with my sleep.

So it’s almost 5am now and count on it that I will fall asleep now, under three hours before that gruesome alarm sound will tear away at my birthing complex.

Enter The Void” (nsfw) has got to be the single-most trippy movie I have ever seen, which is admittedly not saying much. Nevertheless, to call this movie a mindfuck is to call Pearl Harbor “kinda over-rated”.

The story is about a junkie getting shot by the cops, and the events before and after, all from his perspective. A good part of the movie is shot first-person, blinking eyes and everything. When that is not the case, it’s simply because the “first person” is dead and either tripping his skull off or watching his sister get laid. Considering how hot she is, you can hardly blame him.

The plot revolves largely around an accident the protagonist and his sister were in when they were very young, killing both their parents in front of their eyes in a rather gruesome way. It becomes clear further into the movie what psychological impact that had on her (the scene in which she sits screaming, with her dead mother right in front of her is heart-wrenching). They are divided and both adopted, and find each other again in Tokyo, of all places. In record time, he manages to fuck up her life with his drug habit, which she adopts before even realizing, and they soon develop some semi-incestuous relationship that only his ethical code (and well-timed death) keeps from developing further. In some sort of afterlife, hovering above friends and relatives, he is then treated to the sight of the impact his fucked-up lifestyle and death has on the people that he loves. Serves him right.

If there is some sort of afterlife, I reckon this would be it. No Morgan Freeman explaining you how things work and why you’re here or there, but a slow aftermath of what your life meant for others and yourself. I wasn’t quite in the mood for the movie’s calm pace and sure as hell wasn’t prepared for the gore and soft-core pornography, but I must say I did enjoy most of it. I can’t even recall where I was recommended it, but I think I would do the same to certain (very few) individuals.

Either way, good or bad: Mind blown. I’m impressed.


2 responses

  1. With regards to the sleep I have had the same issues. I dont know if your taking any other meds that may interact with this natural remedy (which is why I had to stop taking it) but melatonin works wonders!

    Take two of these badboys and then have a contest to see if you can bang one out before you go into lala land.

    18 January 2011 at 15:29

    • Haha. I try to avoid taking meds altogether. As long as I can cope (by falling asleep in class, frankly) I rather not get into a habit.
      Thanks for the tip though.

      And thanks for dropping by! It’s an honor :)

      18 January 2011 at 18:28

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