Wow. I knew MIDI was boring, but I wasn’t prepared for this.

Otherwise, classes are going fine. We’ve entered the exciting world of light design and studio recording, both completely new to me. I don’t think I’m alone in this: Even though we’re clueless as to how a mixing desk actually works, most people are aware that the sliding things stand for the volumes of different instruments, and those are basically what it’s all about. But ask them how a light desk works? Or how an album is recorded? Cows staring at trains have more intelligent expressions than the ones you’ll get.

Even though I’ve seen it happen a million times, the technical details are a complete marvel to me, too. It seems I am more of a light person than a sound person, especially after seeing a demonstration with a minimum of lights and their different combinations. There’s a chance for creativity that you’ll never find in the rigid structure of live sound. And that’s because everyone has some opinion or other about how music is supposed to sound, but nobody knows how it’s supposed to look. You literally have all the freedom and if it looks good, people are happy.

There’s more good news. This Saturday I’ll be doing my first day of internship with a local cultural center called “De Vieze Gasten.” Translated, “The Dirty Guys.” They’re a borderline anarchist group, working to bring out the best of the troubled neighborhood they are located in. A merry bunch with their own theater where they can use an intern light technician. How shweet is that. Took them long enough to decide, too: I got no less than five emails full of “yes, no, maybe” before they agreed.
Apparently, their last two interns left a bad aftertaste, so I have a lot to prove. Pardon me while I waltz in there and restore their faith in humanity?

What’s also drawing near is our final exams, in the form of a festival we have to organize from scratch. Yes a fucking festival.
Headline will be
D’Onderhond (but as a faithful reader you knew this), a band I am proud to say I suggested and contacted. Others include a cover band called Feel Good and some… thing, Sue Me Charlie. Animation in between will be covered by um yeah. Something they seem to find amusing in Antwerp.
No, I don’t agree with all bands but frankly, I don’t really care. I just want to do my job right, which I am doing quite terribly, so far. They put me in charge of a team responsible for promotion and sponsoring, and from the fact that you probably didn’t have a clue about any of this proves that I suck donkey balls at it. I did contact a company where I thought I had a foot in the door, but it took them exactly 20 seconds to compose their answer to my elaborate request:


Our budget is €1,000, which will buy us catering (if we’re lucky) and the artists’ transportation.
We’re screwed.
It’s on April first, by the way, at
this location. Be there!

We will be recording my sister’s band soon now, that is if we can find a date when we are all available. The bits of recording we’ve done as exercise so far have shown it’s not all quite as hard as it’s cooked up to be, and I do think we have a great team of technicians. One of us is good with sound, one (me) is better with technical stuff, and one is an accomplished artist, himself. As long as we manage to get along (it’s been hit and miss so far), I think we can pull it off quite well.

Additionally (it won’t end!), we’re doing re-runs of our last theater production, Grote Kinderen. Given my busy schedule, the load-in will prove to be yet another nightmare, and I for one have my fingers crossed.

So yeah… When I tell my friends I’ve been “rather busy” lately, I’m not lying. But that’s good; very good, even. They’re all things I love to do, and what more could you want?
I could use a massage though, since you’re asking.


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