Virtual Reality

We’re back.

Have you ever stopped and stared at something, sensing something there, some… meaning, some explanation, that you can’t see? Because of your inexperience, or ignorance.
If you haven’t, then you haven’t lived.

I was walking down the alley by my home the other day and had one of those moments: Someone had put up posters; yellowed, A4-sized pieces of paper with nothing but a matrix barcode on them, similar to the one to the left here. There were several spread out along the wall, with no bother to explain or develop the concept further.

I couldn’t imagine someone doing this without proper motivation, but still it seemed utterly pointless to put up an indecipherable code, and leave it at that. I eventually moved on, still not getting the point.
Until today.

I saw a similar image stapled to a park bench, with the following text below:
To know what’s possible on this bench, scan this code with your smartphone or surf!
It seems so obvious now, but although I already knew certain phones can read barcodes, I never realized they can do matrix types, as well. While I don’t really give a shit what’s possible on that park bench propagated, I now want to know what the hell that person had to say, who found my alley in the dark of the night (that came out wrong) and hastily put up a few of his posters there, hoping anyone would bother to listen to what he had to say.

I’m going to snap a picture next time and see if I can get some website to read it for me, if only for the genius who combined so many media to get his message spread through street art.

On the same note:

Augmented Reality is the thing our future is made of. Mark my words.

I am soundly convinced, and no, nobody had to tell me this, that in 10 years from now, you will be able to look at, say, a building and be able to tell what it is, where, when it was built, etc. Perhaps not every building in the street, but it will be possible, with the slightest bit of effort.

Hot chicks at your fingertips.

Watch this thing. Go on, watch it.
Can you imagine the possibilities? I don’t think you can- they are virtually endless. With projector, computing and recorder technology shooting forward as it is now, this will soon be implemented in computers you won’t even need to take out of your back pocket, and hardwired straight into your senses or brain.

If this scares you, I’m afraid you’ll be losing out because I for one, will be implanting that shit “plug-and-play” style straight into my eyeball. Translation of menus, street signs or manuals is just the tip of the iceberg. Nowadays there are applications and programs that recognize prints on simple sheets of paper, and add the craziest animated shit in real time before feeding the picture back to you on screen. If it were possible to do this seamlessly, without noticeable camera and screen, a whole new world opens. A world bigger than our own.

There is so much information beyond the readily visible that we are missing! Messages like the aforementioned posters, measurements, warnings, timetables, co-ordinates, contact information, planning, origins, recipes, all information held by the objects in question, but at the moment,

The process is dead simple: See – recognize – trace – blend – display. If you could look at the statue of liberty and at will, could summon a whole list of facts floating right fucking next to it. For someone with a hunger for knowledge like me, this is about the best fun you can have with your pants on- or pants off, because you won’t need the pockets to store that Neanderthal iPod of yours.

As a matter of fact; Eyes, ears, arms, legs: I’ll take any bodily augmentations you can give me. As long as I can preserve my conscious thought as it is now (although something to lower the libido might do me good, lately), I don’t see why we shouldn’t upgrade ourselves to new capabilities.
It’s already underway. Today’s medical devices are beginning to outdo our biological ones. Did you know there’s a man with
no fucking legs, who can run faster than any able-bodied human? His secret? Bendy boards under his… stumps.

Many people seem to think this is morally wrong, that for some reason humans aren’t supposed to go beyond “normal” capabilities. I agree that there are limits, but I don’t see why we shouldn’t. I think it’s an ego thing- every one of us has to live with ourselves and our limitations, and we might feel like those limitations only get bigger as others grow stronger. It would result in a race to become strongest, fittest,…
And it’s true, these are issues we’ll have to consider. They are already happening on military level and with plastic surgery, and yes, they’ve gone haywire. This will widen the gap between the rich and the poor immensely, as the rich will become physically more capable than us “mere humans”.

But… Well, to put it nicely, I don’t really give a shit about your sinking morals. With just about every bit of scientific progress there were shitscoops on the sidelines screaming bloody murder and “It’s not right!” I suppose I’ll have to keep hearing augmentation for last then, or at least after I can run faster than you. –Or get the Fist-a-tron™ to punch you in the eye so hard your neck explodes, while fingering your mom.


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