By the numbers

In today’s edition of “unpopular opinions,” because “I don’t particularly like children” and “Truth is destructive” have already been done, I’ll move on to the next subject:

I don’t have much against nuclear power.
I think the reason that so many people are joining the “NEIN GEGEN KERNKRAFT” movement nowadays can be analyzed to a few different points.

First of all, radiation is something very mysterious to most people, and I’ll be honest, including myself. And as the wise men say here, “Unknown means unloved.” It can’t be seen, it can’t even be felt, but come close and you’re fucked. I’ve seen footage of helicopters covering up the Tsjernobyl falling straight from the sky with no apparent cause other than the operator simply losing consciousness.
People can’t grasp what radiation truly is and how it affects us. What radiation sickness is and how it can be treated, or how pills could possibly work against something as intangible as light.

Secondly, the things long-term radiation does to the body look horrifying. I watched a documentary made by a photographer wanting to capture what he calls Tsjernobyl’s children (watch that if you have a strong stomach) and it blew me away. Generation and generations of people were disfigured and misshapen, all due to something they didn’t even know existed.

Regarding all those things, I suppose it’s only natural to be terrified of nuclear power. Not to mention that the power plants constantly have to be cooled by water which is then poured back into the rivers, and the constant nuclear waste they give off.

Now, in order to back up my argument, I’m going to state a few facts. If you think they’re wrong, you can provide counterweight in the ‘reply’ box below.
People are easily affected by visual stimuli. Seeing monstrous children would make anyone scream bloody murder and ban anything that caused it. Combine that with the fact that for the average citizen, there is simply no way to check how much radiation they are exposed to, and in two days you’ll have the whole world holding their government at gunpoint, demanding the termination of anything nuclear.

clickyPeople seem to believe that any radiation at all will cause you cancer tomorrow and result in horrible death. The chart to the left here (click it) shows otherwise, and I’ve found many more like it so I am inclined to believe it accurate.

When taught in the army what radiation actually is and how pills do help (look it up, fatass) it becomes much easier to grasp the nature of the danger and it becomes far less frightening.

Voices are raised that alternatives for nuclear power must be found. They seem to forget that back in the days, nuclear power was the alternative, to fossil fuels. What’s going to happen when people find out the chemicals involved with making solar panels (not to mention their shelf life), or the kind of production and maintenance required for wind turbines with equal capacity? More alternatives?

The smoke rising from nuclear power plants isn’t smoke, it’s water vapor, Which isn’t radioactive any more than normal sea water is. The same goes for the coolant water dumped into the river- the only pollution is of a thermal kind, which is easily solved. And then, there is something few people know:

Nuclear power plants give very little waste.
What they do give, is divided into a few categories, such as very low level waste (VLLW) just like your own household waste, low level waste (LLW) and high level waste (HLW). LLW takes up 90% of the waste, and contains less than 0.1% of the radiation. These are gloves, helmets, tools, and so on that contain less radiation than the rocks of Cornwall, which contain higher levels of natural radioactivity.

HLW is the nasty shit, what you’re taught to be afraid of. It takes up about 0.1% of the total waste, and is produced when the nuclear fuel is reprocessed into new material. It is concentrated, ground into powder, poured into glass, and encased in steel. This makes it “passively” safe, meaning that no one needs to keep it cool or whatever for it to chill and not fuck us up. And here’s the classy part:

“It is understood that the amount of HLW produced by Britain’s nuclear industry in the last  years would take no more space than about seven double-decker buses.”

Double-deckers. How British.

The shitty part of course, is that this filth stays radioactive for tens of thousands of years. So in Finland (I think), they hollowed out a mountain to store it all, a process which they can repeat plenty of times until some other power becomes popular.

What we should really worry about is the ILW (intermediate-level waste. If you’re not going to do your homework, I’ll keep things hidden from you for dramatic effect any time I want, thankyou) which I suppose takes up around 10%. Now for this problem, a solution still needs to be found. There are no facilities that process it but luckily it’s still safe enough to just cram into the power plants’ basement until those arrive.

So, ladies and gentlemen, that is why I don’t particularly disapprove of nuclear power. Yes, there are risks. Yes, there is pollution. But if you consider how effective nuclear power is, and how little the pollution and risk (2 major accidents in 40 years is manageable, in my book), it’s hard to find an alternative doable on the scale these power plants can provide. Wind and solar energy just can’t cut the enormous output of a nuclear plant.

Of course we will have to search for alternatives in due time, but there’s no need for this sudden mass panic and obsession with less effective means long before they really become feasible.

I would like to point out that I’ve had this opinion since I was about 17, and I’m not just trying to be interesting here by disagreeing with the masses.
I used
this as my source because it easily combined the data I had already acquired elsewhere. I’ll applaud you if you would actually bother to read it before going into CAPS LOCK mode, thanks.

Since this blog’s clunky move to WordPress, I can follow the statistics on my specially designed statistics screen, which now hangs mounted permanently to my wall. It feeds me the numbers of how many visited my awesome website, where they stopped by, how long, how interested they looked, what their names are, their bank account numbers, and masturbation score. It’s a fascinating side effect but I don’t think “the numbers” really represent reality.

It states that on a good day, around 5-10 people visit. This can peak up to 25 on a day when I post, 35 when I get the title right. But those are rare occasions.
On March 26th for example, I had 5 views. 3 on my homepage, 1 on the author
bio and 1 on trespass. But that means that when someone clicks on a link, that gets counted as another visitor. 2 visitors used Google to get there, both using the term “Vermins nest”. My guess is that about 2 out of those 5 actually read anything, and that’s being optimistic.

Why do I care, you ask? The answer is I don’t, not really, but it is kind of interesting. And it made my eyes go wide on April 1st, when suddenly I had 76 pageviews listed.
It was because of the
post concerning the pictures of Doel. How do I know? Because in the second paragraph there is a link to be found concerning a nun’s tits, and no less than 45 visitors had used the search term “tits” to end up on the website. Two used “house of night series nun” and 1, get this: “Jesus the fucker”. Not shitting you.

I suppose that will teach me sneaking in nuns with big knockers into my classy writing. The climax came on April 10th, when my chart looked like this:

tits 66
is is [sic] normal for a child not to mention their parents name once a… 1
side by side 3d tits 1
indian nuns hot 1
tiny tits fucked badly 1
berserk anime tits 1
big tits chinese 1
sharp tits 1
dİrty fİrst [sic] 1
atta nest 1
Total views referred by search engines 75

And I guess about 2 of them actually read anything, and that’s being optimistic.

And here I wonder why my site got blocked. Bet your ass it will get blocked again tomorrow.

So now I’ll have to wait until the Doel post falls off my front page before my stats make sense again. Come to think of it, I think this post just might break the calculator altogether.


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