Life Among the Dirty: Halfway

IMG_7266I’m one month into my internship and thus, halfway. Finding my place has been easy and quick, and I suspect I might even come over as a little arrogant now and then with how mouthy I’ve become. I try not to, but it’s how I am so that’s the way it comes out.

Considering the type of people I attract, I suppose it’s not a coincidence that I often run into people I know. I already worked with 4 teachers of mine and got the chance to talk to old colleagues, classmates and long lost acquaintances. At record speed, I am making new friends and contacts and even get some work done in between.

Not much, though. After all, when the stage, lights and sound are already installed, what more could you do in preparation for a live gig? Sure, we change the spots around a little, so by the end of the day (which starts in the late afternoon) I held around 4 par-blazers and crawled up a ladder once or twice.
aIMG_6794Even at its most stressful, work pace never rises above “slowly but steadily”. I think you can see it in my demeanor by now too, as I’ve grown used to a “Provence Tourist” kind of walk while fetching a cable or two.

It’s a lifestyle I’m not used to and while I enjoy it, it gets a little too much now and then. So when I heard my old company was doing a gig nearby, I bluffed my way backstage (it’s amazing how easy that is) and lent them a hand. I didn’t get paid but it did score me another workday doing the set of Sade. And I must say, it felt great being on the frontline again, with all the thrills and dangers and around-the-clock workdays. I was amazed at how smoothly I can still work together with my colleagues, and found a joy in working I thought I had lost.

IMG_7079The challenges with the Vieze Gasten are more of a mental kind. Sometimes they’ll leave me alone to handle a production by my lonely self, or make me responsible for a project over several days. These are about the biggest jobs they have in terms of difficulty and while they can be a little overwhelming, I haven’t had any considerable problem with them. Although 24 straight hours behind a mixing desk was problematic, alright. I literally fell asleep while the last band was on- until suddenly, the power died.

I’ve said before that I consider the Vieze Gasten the business end of culture, and I’m sticking with it. There is some ghost present here- some sense of community that has all but disappeared in modern society. It’s like you’re brought back to a time when we didn’t all have MP3 players and computer games, and only had each other for company. Stories of “the old days” are shared, and what do you know, actually prove interesting when you take the time to listen.

IMG_7296Frankly I don’t think I have much news to report. My confidence that the Gasten are the best thing since ball tickling has only grown, and I am incredibly proud to be a part of this dying race. At the moment, we are working on a project based on “The Gates” in NY’s Central Park- using a far less high-tech and more natural approach using willow trunks. It’s going to take over 25 days to build everything and I am eager to help. In fact, I don’t get how you couldn’t be; just working on this is a thrilling experience. Another thing modern society seems to have forgotten: How fun work can be.

The only thing I miss is that feeling when you’re really working, that endorphin buzz that can keep you going straight through any lack of sleep or physical pain. I spend most of my time sitting still and while that doesn’t mean I’m not having fun, it just doesn’t satisfy my adrenalin addiction.


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