Life Among the Dirty: Conclusion?

IMG_8092Yesterday was my last technical job for the Vieze Gasten. My incredibly short two-month internship has come to an end, after an incredibly short training as “Assistant Stage Technician” of 7 months or so. The amount of input in this period, on social, educational, intellectual, conversational and Maynard knows what other levels has been overwhelming, and I predict a major “black hole” experience when all this will end abruptly.

People have come to recognize me there by now. It seems I’ve made myself quite popular in the little restaurant next door with a rant to a drunk who called us all “sheep”. I suppose that the defense that I held in the name of everyone there (before kicking his arrogant ass out) must have been rather flattering because they welcome me now as though I was their missing son.

IMG_8063And it’s a strange underlying theme through the whole internship: Most people just seem thrilled to have me there. I thought I’d have to prove myself repeatedly to get from under my mentor’s shadow (he’s made quite a name for himself over time), especially considering their last two interns who fucked up enough to make them consider not having any over, ever again. But this hasn’t been the case; In fact, they all seem sad to see me leave and are asking if they’ll ever see me again. Since I’m not the most sociable person, I haven’t really spoken to many of the locals but now they’re walking up to me saying,

unIMG_7534“Maarten, right? I heard great things about you.”

My experience as a stagehand and –builder (and don’t they know it, with my daily stories) taught me plenty about installing the lights so pretty much the only bad (though constructive) comments I had were about the controlling of them. I sometimes forget to put the emphasis where it’s needed, am too slow to adjust to circumstances and enjoy experimenting a little too much, occasionally. Oh and apparently, I take criticism badly, though I personally disagree with that. I realize the irony but I’m serious.

After doing the very last gig all by myself (from design to operation) I could focus on helping with a side project inside a bigger effort to liven up a troubled neighborhood. At a nearby IMG_8138park, a team of volunteers are building a series of 77 gates out of willow trees, in which artwork in the form of a cloth of some kind will later be hung- All based on an existing project that took place in Central Park, NYC. Of course it’s still a troubled neighborhood, and the works have been slowed by theft and vandalism. Regardless, we are now struggling through the last couple days, smack on schedule, and everyone is curious and thrilled about what we’re doing. Everyone except that old cunt with her heel-biting little runt. Here’s to that thing dying on her.

On technical level, I learned very little. About everything but stage technics… I could barely keep up.

After this: 3 more days of school and then… Nothing. No wait, that’s not true.

IMG_7937The person responsible of the gates project has his own company, and he wants to concentrate on working with bamboo to build scaffolding structures and such. Next job I’ll be working for him voluntarily again, and I really hope to do that more often (but paid) as the company grows.

My mentor offered me a short-term job… A group of contemporary dance is going on tour in September and have asked him to join as a light tech. He won’t be able to make it but plans to recommend me, instead. We are going to match agendas one of these days and see if it works out, but it’s looking good so far. This would mean that I’ll be doing the lights for a dance production in motherfucking Paris. I am nervous as I am excited about this.

aIMG_8117I don’t want to presume too much but maybe it could sort of maybe be possible that a part-time job becomes available with the Vieze Gasten themselves. I offered myself as volunteer for the time being but if I could land that job, I’ll be a part-time Dirty Guy.

Apart from that? Time will tell.

Yes I know my formatting sucks. Kiss my ass.


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