Aurora in Flight

Imagine yourself trapped in the arctic wilderness for a week. What would you need? You’d need to keep warm- collect what you think is necessary. You’d need clean water and food: Find it or devise a way to obtain it there. You’ll need a tent, as well. A sleeping bag that can handle sub-zero temperatures.
Then, a different setting: A journey through Europe, north to south. Cell phone, charger. Papers. Music player. Clean clothes, soap, shampoo…
Photography equipment. Camera, extra battery,… The works.

Toss everything together and measure how much weight you’ve got. Then, slim it down to 10 kilo’s.

It’s the challenge I’m facing at the moment.

After Scotland and south Norway, four friends and myself are going to hike Lapland, or Laponia or whatever you anglophiles insist on calling it. We’re taking off in a good 10 days and just today I spent over €300 on ultralight equipment to get me through it. On top of that, I decided to take the scenic route home and didn’t book a return flight. Now I have 2 weeks to cross Europe and make it home in time for my final stage technician tests.

Enough talking:


  • tp
  • batteries and chargers
  • awesomegoggles
  • toothpicks
  • cooking set thing
  • CAMERA: Batteries recharged, charger, card, filters
  • tape
  • longsleeves instead of tee shirts
  • CS status
  • Boiler
  • Transfer key


  • MP3 player: Check which.
  • 20 bags of instant pasta
  • tea, chocolatestuff


This list will change over time.

So yeah, we’re going hiking. We’ll be around 68.2°N and as this website will tell you (once you’ve figured it out), we will have 24 hours of direct sunlight. In fact, we’ll be there on midsummer’s day so we’ll be dealing with the brightest possible time for this region. This greatly decreases the odds of seeing some decent Aurora Borealis but should be pretty spectacular in itself. that is, until we want to go to bed.

Previous years have shown that I lack the strength to do these hikes easily. Especially flat surfaces like asphalt, kill my knees. Luckily I have the best rucksack in the fucking world so that’s pretty much my only problem, but it’s a bad one. In Scotland, the first year, it damn near crippled me, and in Norway I had to take one descent on an overdose of painkillers. Let’s hope for the best.

I fucked myself (funny since some bitch recently told me to do exactly that) by planning two trips in one- One hike and then city-hopping all the way home. This means I need two sets of equipment and they can only weigh 10 kilo’s combined lest I snap like a twig after 50km. I done did it now, didn’t I. I’m gonna do it, though.

In the mean time a friend is staying over at my place. He doesn’t know it yet but he’s screwed because he’ll know when I’ll be coming home… When I’ll be home. And I expect to find my place clean as a hound’s tooth when I get back.

All in all, I’ll be away from home around 20 days. While the trip shows similarities with my 2-month journey through Europe two years ago, the circumstances are very different. I was running away back then- and I kept running until I crashed. It’s nothing like that this time, so I’m hoping the trip will be somewhat more enjoyable. Not a very big chance, though- I hate travelling alone. So if you want to join, by all means ask and ye shall receive.


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