The King’s Trail

48 hours before we leave. In a more or less straight line to the arctic circle and beyond. I think I have most things collected, from food to an mp3 player (take away my music and I’ll just sit down and die there) except for socks. I desperately need winter socks and I couldn’t have picked a more retarded season to go look for them.

With the 24 hours of sunlight and snow, we’re going to see more light than the rest of the summer combined. So we’ll have to protect ourselves from it, even if it means looking like a complete idiot:


Admit it though, that is the coolest hat you have ever seen.

So now that I’m more or less physically prepared, I moved on to phase 2: Mental preparation. You see, our first time in Scotland I got me a girlfriend literally the night before leaving and the second time in Norway, I was in a relationship I felt was heading in the wrong direction. It wasn’t that big a deal, but it was still distracting when I had better things to do, like enjoy myself.

So now I easily disposed of any relationships that I conveniently didn’t have, and while I still have an unresolved issue or two, I figured I don’t have the balls to tackle them anyway so I might as well just move on. If I end up getting eaten by a wolverine (how awesome would that be) I’ll just have to die with regrets.

So what’s the planning, in case anyone was wondering:

17th of June, we take off. If I’m not mistaken we grab two airplanes and an overnight train before arriving at our destination in Lapland. I wish I paid closer attention but when 5 people are simultaneously planning something, I tend to take a step back and let them do the work like the asshole that I am. In other words, I can’t tell you where that is, exactly. I can tell you it’s near Abisko, Sweden- that’s about it. Can’t even say how long the hike will be in days nor distance.

How about this: We’ll be well above the arctic circle, climbing the highest mountain in Lapland, with glaciers ‘n shit. We’re bringing rope in case one of us decides to slip at a bad time. It’s still arguably the most accessible trail in the region (called Kungsleden or King’s Trail) but we, men wouldn’t be we, men if we didn’t crank up the difficulty just a little by going in without guide and about double the regular pace. Aaand that’s about all I know, honestly.

My excuse is that I’ve been preoccupied with my own trip. You see, while my friends will be going straight home to their wives and/or girlfriends, I’m taking the scenic route and leaving them in Stockholm. I’ll be staying there for two days with a rather rude couchsurfing couple, taking that time to get some rest and change gear. From there, I’ll have another 12 days to make it home in time for my final tests to prove my experience as a stage tech. I plan to go southeast, across the Baltic Sea, to Latvia, south to Lithuania, southwest to Poland, and then west to Germany and Belgium. I might have to cheat a little and grab a train or two to make it in time.

The map’s here, since you probably still don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Neither would I to be honest, if I hadn’t looked it up just now. Some preparation eh? Let’s hope I won’t need a fucking Visa.

In the mean time, y’all be good and don’t wait up for me.
I’m going to turn on my cell phone between 9 and 11pm only (if I have reception to begin with) to save battery power and money. If it’s urgent, try then. If it’s not, suck it up.
If it’s a problem I cannot solve, don’t bother contact me just so I can worry about it. I’ve been waiting for a year to bugger off again and the last thing I need is “news from home.” No offense.
Taking my internet addiction into account, I’ll probably get in contact now and then- idiot that I am.


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