Straight Priorities for the Female Race

Near my spot in the Ghent Festival there was a toilet exclusively for women. There was a picture on the wall with a schematic on how to use it, because it needed one. Judging from the mechanics, it seemed an unhygienic and difficult affair, but then I never really tried it for obvious reasons.

It was free, too, which is very unusual. You see, we men have the natural advantage of being able to piss everywhere, at any time. It’s as simple as breaking out our junk and marking whatever is in front of us. This leads to some serious problems during the festivals, because some of us don’t have the decency or bladder control not to do it where others are sitting.

So they place urinals all over the place so that we apes, don’t have to walk further than 50m when we need to piss. Any further is past the “convenience” limit and leads to concentrated problem areas. For women, it’s a different story. They usually have to carry a cork around because female toilets are few and far apart, and cost 50 cents.

The “women’s urinal” near my floor is a response to that, and attempts to spread awareness of it. It’s free if you’re willing to put up with the woman in front of it carrying a megaphone, barking in your face that this injustice is intolerable and has been going on for too long. It’s a discrimination against the female race, that they have to pay for their primary needs where a man can just do his thing on the corner of every street.

I paused for a moment as I passed by to get me some dinner. I listened to what she was announcing and really, I felt she was right. I felt that this is an issue that should be addressed and taken care of.

Then, I realized she was just being a retarded feminist bitch and should spend more time in a kitchen instead of spewing this delayed bullshit. That her whole scheme is based on hot air and while she thinks she’s being rebellious and progressive, she’s actually just obnoxious and would do the whole world a favor shutting her big woman yap. Less muff diving, more sandwich.

Let’s put this into perspective for a little second.
On one hand, we have a woman who is beaten by her husband. We a child growing up without parents. We have people murdered for their religion, their language, the color of their skin. We call these “injustices.”
On the other, we have women who need to pay 50 cents every time they need to use a bathroom.

We call that, “Inconvenience.

Prince_charmingSeriously, you off-the-chain, leghair breeding dyke: Go do something useful. I agree that 50cents is a bitch, but be honest: It’s not the end of the god damn world. By the end of the day, you won’t even notice the difference in your wallet. You drink, you smoke, you eat, even getting laid will probably cost you €50 and I don’t hear you complaining about that.

Women are different from men. Sorry about that, can we move on now? If your vagina requires special attention, you’ll have to pay people for their labor even if men do not. I think everyone can agree on this- I certainly hope so, because otherwise we’ll have manly chicks protesting for free tampons soon as if they would let anything in there to begin with.

The shitty thing is, that this catches on, too. More than one chick I know turned to me and agreed with all of that until I lost my patience (1.2 secs or under) and I broke out my wallet, offering to pay for their toilet visits for the rest of the fucking festival if it meant they wouldn’t blame me for them. But they wouldn’t take the money either- It’s the principle, they said. The principle, ladies, is that your biological build requires service no one is prepared to do for free. It’s a sad thing but life isn’t fair, so take the bloody money or be quiet like a good wife.

Condoms cost money too, you know. And if that’s not good enough for you, I’ve got two more words I’m willing to give this argument:
Multiple fucking orgasms. I don’t think I know one guy who wouldn’t kill for a thing like that. And if you’re having problems with it, drop by and we’ll demonstrate. You can leave the dishes for the morning.


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