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Happy birthday, me.

As an experiment with cyberspace vs meatspace reality, my facebook birthday is 5 months away from my real one. No surprise, I get more text messages and “spontaneous” happy birthdays on the street in August than on my actual birthday. I don’t think much of it, it’s just a joke I like to play.

I am terrible with birthdays so it’s always nice so see someone unexpected to remember mine. One of them, one of my closest friends, invited me to come hang out at the club where she works so I can fill my evening with free orange juice and awkward conversation. After all, on our birthdays we are obliged to have fun, like it or not.



Melting Point

This Halloween, I’m gonna go as a cynic.

People won’t get it because they couldn’t grasp sarcasm if it smiled them in the face (me included) so I’ll be the bore of the party.
What party?
There’s no such thing as Halloween in Europe. We’ve got shitloads of holidays, Christian ones stolen from the Islam, in turn stolen from Egyptian culture. In fact, we do have All Hallow’s Eve, which is today and about putting flowers on the graves of dead relatives. But Halloween? Copied from MTV. Like we need another reason to dress up and behave like idiots.