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Friends & Benefits

Point of subject a couple times recently:

Men will sleep with any of their female friends, if they should so ask.

The statement sounded pretty much like that, and after a second of thought, I just shrugged and agreed. Obviously reality is much more nuanced than this but for the sake of argument, I’m going to go and overgeneralize my own opinion because I believe it to be generally true.



Self Defense

Hashimaki was an astronaut, what they call a “debris hauler”. He cleaned space of debris day in, day out, to make it a safer place.
On the job, he got caught off guard by the aftermath of a solar flare. The blast threw him into the void and into a field of lethal radiation. He spent hours there, screaming for his teammates and staring into the darkness for something to hold on to. Spinning.

The asymmetry of the earth’s gravitational pull was what saved him. It diverged the high-speed particles around him so he survived for long enough for his friends to find him.
He should have died. Instead, what he got was a small dose of radiation and more importantly, a trauma that made sensory deprivation (in other words, the dark) unbearable for him. It brought up vivid hallucinations, causing intense panic reactions within him.



“You’re a great worker. You’re reliable, independent, finish what you start. I can ask you things and I know they’ll get done. Hell, you’re one of the best followspotters in the business. But socially, you’re a zero.”

We were driving home from one of the toughest jobs this year, my crew chief and I, and having one of our feedback moments, where we go over the events of the day and reflect on them, see what was the cause and effect and perhaps, how we can handle them differently in the future. I like those conversations of ours, because we can share vastly different viewpoints and still often agree on things.



There’s something rotten in this world.

Somewhere, inside something else, there’s a core of something so fucked up, that it influences our behavior and twists any good intentions into some watered-down excuse for a solution to whatever problem was created by similar goals. It’s all around us, thick enough to smell and most are ignorant to it, or simply choose to continue as they are.

It’s what pays for the manager parties of NGO’s that are supposed to tackle world poverty. It’s what makes us coat passive buildings in polluting insulation material. It’s what makes us want to solve the world’s problems without raising taxes.
It’s what makes us believe that we couldn’t possible have less and be more. How we won’t allow for improvement to come at cost of anything at all, putting us on a one-way train to Buttfuck, Alaska.