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The Black Keys – Europe Tour

“Reviews: Because nobody cares.”

I hope, if I ever quit my job, I will quickly forget how much I loved it. I know I’ll go cold turkey like a nympho in an Amish commune and have regrets for the rest of my little life, but I hope I won’t remember just how satisfying my work could be.

All the misery, all the cold, all the pain melted away when I saw The Black Keys on the concert agenda, and I thanked myself for all the hard work that put me in the core of the crew and among the first to get picked on smaller, but rewarding jobs. There aren’t many bands that I would still really want to see live (I can has Gogol Bordello please?) but the problem with cutting back on stagehand jobs in favor of a well-paid career as a technician is that more and more bands make it on the list.



Raison D’ Être

Back when I decided to go back to school, there were only two things that could make me doubt if I should. One, I was afraid I would fuck up the course like I used to; and two, that the training would fuck me up.
You know the drill. Something interests you: Mathematics, language, art, astronomy, quantum physics,… but once you start to look things up and open yourself up to be educated, you are flooded with a torrent of information, your mind filled with a quantity and speed tailored to the limits of your poor little brain. That’s how education works: determine the capabilities of our learning, and then match it, until every student get so oversaturated with information that they cease to give a shit.


Mon Chien

I thought my crew chief’s speech on proper behavior (have I mentioned he used to teach etiquette in school?) would be the last feedback I’d get on my person and its behavior for a while. Usually, this kind of blunt feedback is rare and reserved for close friends and unusually strong characters.
Turns out, I was pretty damn wrong.

In a cascade of unasked but not unwelcome observations, several friends have noted that I am, in fact, a pretty rude person. Apparently I bark at bartenders, make inappropriate jokes, and tend to offend people without seeming to care.