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Back when animals could talk and the internet was whistled over phone lines, a program was written called Darwin Pond. It’s a simple game in all aspects: Creatures are born, eat, mate, die. Clicking and beeping, these “swimmers” evolve their DNA over generations until a superior race emerges and out-lives the other mutations. I grew terribly bored with it over the years but back then, I found it extremely fascinating.

I would sit and watch them, the ignorant little critters, as they struggled to survive. Some essentially committed suicide in their attempt to find a mate, some just barely made it to a last bit of food to live another few minutes. While they are strictly emotionless, it’s not hard to fantasize their desperation.
There are parameters you can tweak: Energy gained from food, energy lost when mating, sexual preferences. Each setting was a different experiment, and because of the random factor it sometimes took a dozen tries or more for the same initial settings, to produce a race that didn’t go extinct.




unIMG_6493Last year, Ghent was completely made over by light architects to boast its architecture and promote its tourism. To celebrate, the city organized a grotesque light festival so mainstream media would notice. In case the intention of whoring to the public was unclear, they apparently made it an annual event, with its second edition now finished.

For a couple days, artists get the chance to plant installations all over the city, from projections onto walls to self-supporting archways of LEDs. Some react to sound, some allow for interaction through projection of live images. It’s cute. I was a big fan last year.


Romance for Shitheads

Do not read this if you’re my ex and you care about that.

They say that the ones who bitch about Valentine’s day care the most. I had that reaction last year too. It reminds of something someone smarter than me once told me, “The opposite of love is not hate. It’s indifference. You get angry because you care.”

By that rationale, I would hate Valentine’s because I care about it, though there is nothing to care about when you’re single. Except the fact that you’re single, which suggest that you’re just plain jealous. Thus, the people bitching about the people bitching about Valentine’s their response basically boils down to, “You’re just jealous”.