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Enter Festival

If anyone wonders why they are seeing pigs fly, it’s because I am working a 9 to 5 job. It’s only for a good two weeks but we’re about halfway and I’m getting this strange rash on my ass from sitting still too much.

But that’s okay. My current financial status (pay attention, capitalists) is one where I will take any job that will make me more than sitting at home sucking my own dick. Luckily this particular employer understands that technicians cost money and offered a decent pay.

unIMG_7608And what am I doing?
I am the house technician for a non-profit organization called Victoria Deluxe (sounds like the right name for a sex shop, no?) during preparations and running of the Enter Festival, which is something called a social-artistic festival across 16 location in Ghent. I am stationed at one of them, an awesome industrial site called “The Expedition”.




Toubkal Mountain

045 Great Glen Way - CopyScotland came first. I got it my way next and we went to Lysefjorden, Norway. Looking for a bit more of a challenge, we went to Lapland the year after and it still wasn’t tough enough. This year, we intend to reach for the edge a little more and try our luck with the Atlas mountains, in Morocco. The intention is to roam the area around the Toubkal and eventually climb it. FYI, the Toubkal is the highest mountain in North-Africa and reaches 4,167 meters. The “other” highest mountain we scaled (of Sweden, the Kebnekaise) is a good 2,000.


Friction II

“There is someone behind the treeline.”

I turn my head to look, but I know what to expect.

-“I am aware.”

-“What about her?”

-“What about her?”