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Hikers’ Report: The High Atlas

unIMG_9053When undertaking longer hikes at difficulty levels like the High Atlas, preparation is key. Information can be found everywhere but as it turns out, is often incorrect or incomplete. The same applies to this log, which should be considered the journal of a novice mountaineer and little more.

We wanted to go to Iceland, really, the 5 of us. At least, I did. But, since we found no solution within our unIMG_9056-2budget, it became the Moroccan High Atlas. The idea was to start off in Imlil, a smallish village south of Marrakech. We would go east from there, almost to Tacheddirt, and climb the mountain ridge south of us. We would follow that ridge back west, maybe descend once or twice for a small detour, until Jbel Toubkal was within reach, and go back to Imlil after conquering it.

It didn’t turn out quite so easy.